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 Dieselgate - Zero
VW loses court case

Ouch - expensive
 Dieselgate - Falkirk Bairn
VW lost to UK VW owners in London Courts on 6th April 2020. VW are considering an appeal.
However losing court cases seems to be the pattern & VW still try to defend the indefensible - Scottish Courts will see a claim by a group of drivers later this year.
 Dieselgate - smokie
The article says that VW have paid out more than €30b (about £27b) in fines etc.

For me, it puts it in perspective when this article (from end April, before furlough was extended) says the UK cost of emergency spending for this year will be in the order of £104b. Only 4 times as much.

(I realise the VW figure is global etc but it just struck me what a huge amount it really is
 Dieselgate - Falkirk Bairn
BP paid out £62Bn for the Gulf of Mexico explosion & aftermath - they sold off a lot of assets to pay the bill.
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