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 91 Motor Show - Zero
Poor quality video, but none the less worth going back in time for a motoring flashback

Ga-damn I'd Have that Granada estate in a heartbeat.
 91 Motor Show - Runfer D'Hills
An acquaintance bought a new Granada estate back in the late '80s. Lovely thing. Navy metallic Ghia model. 2.8 or 2.9 I think, with an auto box.

He kept it for ages, in fact he still had it when he passed away about 5 years ago. He'd kept it in tip top condition.

Never had one, but often wanted one. I did have a Granada saloon at one time which I did enjoy, but I'm certain an estate would have been even better.

It occurs to me that there is no real modern equivalent to those, or indeed the Carlton estates which were also good.

I guess if you drove one back to back with a modern Mondeo estate or similar, then it might not seem up to much by comparison, but there was a a delightful presence about a Granada that the Mondeo can't quite do. Selective perception of course, as everything has got bigger and arguably, better.
 91 Motor Show - tyrednemotional
I had a '91 Granada Saloon as a company car. 2.0 petrol and the last of the non-catalyst equipped engines.

It was a big barge at the time, but I was doing a good few (motorway) miles at the time, and it was very comfortable.

Even 4-up and with the capacious boot full it would still manage an amazing (at the time) 38mpg on main roads. It was once proven when I took three colleagues to a conference in Belgium (it was cheaper in total than only going myself and flying) and came back with a bootfull (and the rest) of beer.

It had the added advantage of being white, and with an extra 'phone aerial (first vehicle I had a fitted car-phone in) such that the outside lane on the motorway opened up magically to let you through.

I quite enjoyed its "ownership".
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 91 Motor Show - Crankcase
The Granada has bittersweet memories for me. My dad had one in 1973, and I remember him taking me out in it, childhood stuff. It was to my eyes absolutely huge and luxurious at the time.

Unfortunately he was killed in a car accident that year, and that was the car he was in at the time.

So while i too love big saloons and always have, I never wanted a Granada.

I did have a Carlton though (and cast envious eyes on a Senator, especially after driving one for two weeks down to the south of France one holiday). And had Mondeos etc.

Mind you, i also remember the Zephyr Zodiac he had in the late sixties, with front bench seats. Seemed like a cathedral! Looking now it's about the size of a modern rollerskate.
 91 Motor Show - Dog
Well worth watching ~ Thanks! .. reminds me of when I went to the Earls Court and drooled over an Acclaim :(
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