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 On any Wednesday..... - R.P.
A friend was picking up his new bike today and asked me to meet up with him at the bike store to go for a run (120 miles, 30 of which in the p***** rain :-) Talking to him over a brew, seems there were 10 bikes going out today - most of which were new. Some cracking deals to be had it seems.
 On any Wednesday..... - Fullchat
I was at my BMW dealers on Monday getting the bike serviced. Very low on second hand stock. Reckoned they had never been so busy.
 On any Wednesday..... - R.P.
Really strange. I know the dealer, bought a few bikes there in the last ten years. Their on-line sales are through the roof as well. There was a sale this morning to a customer in Portugal - it will be couriered there this week.
 On any Wednesday..... - Robin O'Reliant
I had a lot of trouble finding a bike in May. Luckily a fairly local guy had one in stock and was so grateful for a sale he delivered it from twenty miles away FoC.

The same is true with bicycles, shops all but out of new bikes, especially high end stuff. I sold mine last month, it went the day after Mrs O'R let a friend know I was getting rid of it. A turbo trainer I bought six years ago sold on ebay for a pound more than I'd paid fir it.
 On any Wednesday..... - legacylad
Is that push bikes or motorbikes? Friends of mine cycle 110/140 miles a day on their push bikes.
Top end light weight bikes, and it must make a big difference on hilly terrain. Their double garage is full of toys...kayaks, canoes, bikes, wetsuits, paddle boards, windsurfers...selling second hand kit with little depreciation seems fairly normal these past few months.

If only car depreciation was so low..
 On any Wednesday..... - R.P.
Another friend who's brother is a tech at a Honda place was saying that there is a rush there as well. An unintended consequence of this is that a lot of techs are still furloughed ar absent for one reason or another, this means that those buying bikes now will struggle to get a first service in a reasonable time frame. I phoned my dealer to book the Guzzi in for its annual service, first reasonable slot is August the 4th !
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