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 Bentley Continental GT - That’s brave - legacylad
Seen locally on private plates.....I found out over the weekend that someone local has spent £20k on an oldish Continental GT. It’s parked off road outside his rented property....should be safe enough in a rural community, but I’d be having sleepless nights in case of any reliability issues. OTOH it could be very low mileage, FSH and an incredibly reliable piece of machinery so luxury motoring for a smallish initial outlay.
They are a lot of metal.
 Bentley Continental GT - That’s brave - Bobby
What’s the Reg?

That will tell you MOT and mileage history.
 Bentley Continental GT - That’s brave - Shiny
Many parts that wear or fail are from the Audi A8 and VW Phaeton (and so also other VW & Audis) , so not as expensive as it might be if you shop around.
 Bentley Continental GT - That’s brave - Falkirk Bairn
I am sure the same part will have
1) Bentley price list
2) Audi Price List
3) VW Price List

In the past the Porsche 924 and a light VW van shared the same handbrake mechanism.
VW built the 924 under contract to Porsche

The Prices charged were dramatically different 3 to 4x.

Similar differences on the cost small items, such as filters, wiring harnesses, switches etc exist between retail car showrooms and the equivalent parts with much lower prices for small commercial vans, pick-ups etc
 Bentley Continental GT - That’s brave - Runfer D'Hills
Hmmm, now that's a thought. I have an E220d car, makes me wonder if I could get it fettled cheaper at a Merc van dealer if required. Same engine and other oily bits as a lot of Merc vans, you'd think anyway.
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 Bentley Continental GT - That’s brave - smokie
My car is pretty rare in the UK - Vauxhall Ampera, I think only 1400 were ever sold here - and the parts are expensive. But many are from the Astra of the same vintage - obviously not the electric bits but the for instance brakes are the same - except loads more expensive (and have to be imported) - if you buy the right part number for the Ampera.

A past neighbour had an old Rolls and told me some of the parts were the same as Minis.
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 Bentley Continental GT - That’s brave - Robin O'Reliant
>> A past neighbour had an old Rolls and told me some of the parts were
>> the same as Minis.

He probably meant the dustcaps on the valves.
 Bentley Continental GT - That’s brave - MD
>> A past neighbour had an old Rolls and told me some of the parts were
>> the same as Minis.
And the 'Rover' V8 the distributor being an example.
 Bentley Continental GT - That’s brave - Dog
>>And the 'Rover' V8 the distributor

And SU carbs.
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