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 The cost of being cool - CGNorwich
Has risen steeply.

Just had the aircon regassed. With the R1234YF gas used in newer vehicles its now £129.95 at Kwik Fit as oposed to £59.95 for the the old R134A gas.
 The cost of being cool - Falkirk Bairn
EU rules + Monopoly Supplier = HIGH Prices = Abuse of the marketplace IMHO
 The cost of being cool - VxFan
A bloke I regularly watch on You-Tube (Salvage Rebuilds UK) recently discovered the same thing when he took a car he repaired for an AC recharge.
 The cost of being cool - Terry
I understand that R134A can be used with no damage to current aircon systems.

 The cost of being cool - CGNorwich
Afraid not. The fitting on vehicle is not compatible with the old gassing machine. That presents another problem very few places have yet invested in the new kit. My independent VW garage for example does not have the new machine.
 The cost of being cool - Clk Sec
Believe it or believe it not, but my nearly 18 years old modest limousine has not had a penny piece spent on its air conditioning, and it still works well. However, I do keep it running summer and winter.
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 The cost of being cool - legacylad
I run mine more in winter than summer. Pootling around in summer I open the sunroof, only closing it when on longer higher speed journeys which is when I run the climate control.
Talking of does that zoned CC work ? I accept your tootsies can be hotter or colder if sat at the front, but after that.....
 The cost of being cool - Robin O'Reliant
I haven't got it on my ancient banger, but on my previous ancient banger I did have it but never turned it on. I hate air con, it dries my throat and makes my eyes stream. I doubt it's the healthiest thing you can have either.
 The cost of being cool - carmalade
The current gas r1234yf ,is presenting major problems within the industry. It may have a very low Gwp ( global warming potential), but is proving difficult to stop it leaking from car ac systems . I’ve seen cars not 2 years old where gas has leaked . Another problem regarding cost , is the fact that the manufacturers of the gas , Honeywell, have a virtual monopoly on production . Although the access ports on cars with this new gas are different to r134a , this old style gas works perfectly ok in the newer systems installed with the YF . Trust me , I’ve tried it.
 The cost of being cool - Terry
Adaptors for the two different access ports seem readily available on ebay - typically less than £10 each.
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