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 Mercedes Benz - Whatever next? - devonite
Apparently these "compensation claims" companies seem to looking for more victims to pick on since the demise of PPI! They're now starting on the Motoring Industry, starting with MB.
You can now claim if you bought or leased a car/van since 2007, and think you were mislead by the emissions figures!! - whatever next? are they going to go through the whole list of manufacturers one at a time? - this culture of claim for everything has gone mad! ;-(
 Mercedes Benz - Whatever next? - PeterS
I’ve definitely been misled...I expected very low 30s to the gallon from mine, but on a 400 mile round trip to Norfolk (there’s a lot of nothing on your way to Norfolk...) the car said it did 40.4mpg and I got back with 40% of a tank left. Very am I supposed to rack up JL vouchers with that parsimonious fuel consumption ;)
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