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 That was close - legacylad
Walk today from Pateley Bridge with friends. Nidderdale Showground cp adjacent to the river. Exiting the cp to turn left returning home, immediately on the RHS is a zebra crossing. No lights, not a Pelican. Car stops at crossing to let adult cross pushing a buggy, with 3 older children, probably 7/10 yo behind him. He’s almost half way across when elderly lady travelling in opposite direction driving a 69 plate Disco Sport, doesn’t even slow down and goes across zebra at 25/30 mph. I was looking right to pull out of the cp and saw this unfolding in slo mo. The car which had stopped blasted his horn...either to warn the pedestrians or the oncoming driver.
She drove past me with a totally unconcerned look on her face, almost as if she hadn’t even noticed 4 people and a buggy already almost half way across the crossing.
Could have been an awful tragedy. Really I feel guilty about not following her, trying to attract her attention, stop her and give her a right mouthful.
 That was close - Mike H
My wife was almost the victim of a similar event some years ago at a pelican crossing. Road was empty as far as could be seen through the parked cars, light was red for cars therefore green for pedestrians. We got around a quarter of the way across and a car just drove through the lights just missing her. Very frightening. Too shocked to get it's number.
 That was close - R.P.
Too late and too fast for any safety systems the Disco has to react.
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