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 Morris - the morris marina story - Zero
A good 20 minute time waster
 Morris - the morris marina story - Bromptonaut
>> A good 20 minute time waster

On a linked theme the most recent episode of Radio Four's 'The Reunion' looked a British Leyland:

Meant to post that yesterday in the TV etc thread but didn't get round to it.
 Morris - the morris marina story - Manatee
Watching the protracted demise of BMC/BL/Austin Rover was agonising.
 Morris - the morris marina story - Robin O'Reliant
I owned two of them and drove a few more as council vans. No two ever drove the same, going from one to another was like driving a completely different model. Some were fast, some were dog slow, one would drink oil like it was going out of fashion while another would never use a drop. And you didn't dare chance a car wash unless you were in desperate need of a shower.

Them were the days.
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