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 Lamborghini - Wow! Much cheapness... - Lygonos




 Lamborghini - Wow! Much cheapness... - No FM2R
I'm sure I've seen that car before, years ago, when it was an ongoing WIP.

I'm trying to rack my brains when/where.

A magazine I think.
 Lamborghini - Wow! Much cheapness... - Bobby
I genuinely have always fancied a Mk1 MR2

 Lamborghini - Wow! Much cheapness... - R.P.
The answer to almost everything sporting is MX5 other than perhaps the F type convertible that overtook me this morning.
 Lamborghini - Wow! Much cheapness... - Bobby
Cousin had an MX5. Y Reg.
Was surprised at how’s much it rusted though to be fair she wasn’t the most careful of owners.

Pretty sure I read somewhere that the F Types have major reliability issues.
 Lamborghini - Wow! Much cheapness... - Runfer D'Hills
When I was young, which is not all that recently, lots of young people had convertibles, MGs, Triumphs and the like. I had a Midget and a Spitfire before I was 20.

Things like MX5s are nigh on impossible to insure for young people now.

Resultantly, most convertibles seem to be driven by middle aged bald blokes or similarly aged peroxide blondes who should probably ease back on the pies.

Pity really.
 Lamborghini - Wow! Much cheapness... - Zero

>> Pretty sure I read somewhere that the F Types have major reliability issues.

Its a JLR product, Unreliability is a given. Major at that.
 Lamborghini - Wow! Much cheapness... - Netsur
I'd much rather have an MR2 or Barchetta than an MX5. They are too ubiquitous and/or nodded for my taste.
 Lamborghini - Wow! Much cheapness... - wotspur

Did I see a Lamborghini people carrier the other day on thenA40 , it was certainly, badged up as one and I thought , if you can afford a Lamborghini surely you’d want it to look like a Supercar , not like a Volvo people carrier
 Lamborghini - Wow! Much cheapness... - Zero
Yeah its the Uras. lambo is basically Audi with creased clothes, so the Uras is an Audi Q5 rs in a suit that someone pressed under the bed.
 Lamborghini - Wow! Much cheapness... - MD
That's quite funny for you.
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