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" Our Synergy Supreme+ 99 petrol has more cleaning power than our regular petrol – and includes molecules whose job it is to reduce the friction in your engine helping the moving parts work more efficiently.*

Although our pumps have E5 labels on them, our Synergy Supreme+ 99 is actually ethanol free (except, due to technical supply reasons, in Devon, Cornwall, the Teesside area, Scotland and NW England). Legislation requires us to place these E5 labels on pumps that dispense unleaded petrol with ‘up to 5% ethanol’, including those that contain no ethanol, which is why we display them on our Synergy Supreme+ 99 pumps.

There’s currently no requirement for renewable fuel, like ethanol, to be present in super unleaded petrol although this could change in the future, in which case we would comply with any new legislation."
 Petrol for classic cars - ethanol free - smurf
I drove for years with L.P.G.gas as a fuel.

Very clean and cheap.The tanks were very safe, tested to destruction.It never really took off did it.Maybe the idea having a liquid gas tank in the boot wasn't appealing to many drivers.
 Petrol for classic cars - ethanol free - Falkirk Bairn
>>Devon, Cornwall, the Teesside area, Scotland and NW England

Scotland, North England
That's due to Esso petrol/diesel being bought by Esso from Ineos / PetroChina in Grangemouth.
1 refinery in the Northern part of the UK. The standard petrol/diesel produced & different additives added to the road tanker dependent on which outlet it is going to BP, Shell, Esso, etc.

It's all computer driven dosage of additives - when I was a boy(60+ years ago) the drivers climbed on to the top of the tanker and added maybe 1 to 3 gallons of additives depending on the tanker capacity.

Shell V-power comes in a small oil tanker from Stanlow oil refinery in Cheshire? (formerly Shell now Indian owned) to Clydebank and unloaded into tanks.
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