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 PING* No FM2R - Robin O'Reliant

A couple of years ago you had an incident with a bottle of milk spilling on the carpet in your car and you had a job getting rod of the smell. Did you ever manager it, and how?

Asking for a friend (I wish).
 PING* No FM2R - No FM2R
Actually I did, though it was the PPOS which I no longer own.

I tried endless washing, shampooing and soaping without success until I eventually realised that all I was doing was moving the s*** around and as soon as it dried out the smell returned.

The point is to flush out the nasty stuff, not merely make it wet.

In the end I took a hose to it. I found and removed the floor plug in the back passenger floor and a similar plug in the middle of the boot floor.

And then I flooded it. I absolutely soaked everything and allowed it to flood the carpet and flow out the floor.

Solved the problem in one go and the smell never came back.

Of course, I live in a hot country and so it all dried out pretty quickly. In the UK probably you'd need to assess whether or not removing the carpet from the car was more practical.

Whichever way you go, IMO the only answer is an absolute s***load of water to completely flush the s*** from the carpet. Massaging it with various shampoos achieves nothing.
 PING* No FM2R - VxFan
Here's the original thread. I haven't read through it properly, but there might be other suggestions to get rid of the smell.
 PING* No FM2R - No FM2R
Ah yes, I remember. I spent ages undoing all the trim around the carpet, especially across the hatch and thought I'd got the carpet free. When I went to actually drag it out it was pinned down by the rear seats so it had to be washed where it was.

But the deluge of water was the answer.
 PING* No FM2R - Robin O'Reliant
Fortunately mine wasn't much of a spill, a pint bottle which was in a heavy duty bag broke and most of the stuff was still in there when I pulled the bag out of the car. As the bag was on the passenger seat that is what got wet, not the carpet. I've scrubbed it with carpet shampoo and various other things and it does seem to have got better, though to be fair it was never that bad anyway but you know what it is like with milk, it doesn't have to be. I'm hoping it was just the surface covering that got wet and not the foan underneath.

Mrs O'Reliant, who can smell cigarette smoke from half a mile away sat in the car this morning and took a little while to detect what she described as a "Mild whiff", of the milk so maybe it was just me being paranoid and thinking the worst. Anyway the seat has had a dose of Shak 'n Vac, there's an air freshener sitting on a shelf and at the moment the thing smells like an upmarket w****house on VIP night.

Here's hoping.
 PING* No FM2R - Zero

>> air freshener sitting on a shelf and at the moment the thing smells like an
>> upmarket w****house on VIP night.

No idea what that smells like.
.Could never afford VIP night.
 PING* No FM2R - bathtub tom
Wait until the sun shines. The only way you'll get rid of the pong is to do what NoF did. That seat has got a load of foam under the cover that will have absorbed the milk.

How do I know that?
 PING* No FM2R - Fullchat
Youtube has various clips on 'removing milk smell from car' using a variety of products.

But I'm in agreement a good flush through is the best option.

 PING* No FM2R - James Loveless
I can assure anyone reading this that cat pee in a car's carpets smells far, far worse than anything you can possibly imagine.
 PING* No FM2R - Bobby
The mention of cats - assume the much advertised use of cat litter / rice etc as absorbers wouldnt help with the seats?
 PING* No FM2R - No FM2R
Didn't do anything for my carpet.
 PING* No FM2R - Runfer D'Hills
Could end up adding insult to injury if it confuses a cat...
 PING* No FM2R - No FM2R
And my two take very little confusing.
 PING* No FM2R - Robin O'Reliant
Well, the milk cannot have gone through the fabric as the smell has disappeared, hopefully for good. We'll see when the weather warms up, but a mate it happened to years ago reckons his was no trouble in the heat but damp weather made it murder.
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