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 2020 top vehicle thefts - VxFan

Top 15 most stolen car models in 2020:-

1. Ford Fiesta - 3,392
2. Land Rover Range Rover - 2,881
3. Volkswagen Golf - 1,975
4. Ford Focus - 1,587
5. BMW 3 Series - 1,435
6. Vauxhall Astra - 1,126
7. Land Rover Discovery - 900
8. Mercedes-Benz E Class - 766
9. BMW 5 Series - 678
10. Nissan Qashqai - 655
11. Ford Kuga - 620
12. BMW X5 - 551
13. Fiat 500 - 358
14. Mercedes-Benz GLC - 342
15. Audi A6 - 268

Source: DVLA records for all vehicles notified by the police as stolen between 1 January 2020 and 21 December 2020 - result of an FOI request from Rivervale Leasing

 2020 top vehicle thefts - Duncan
Do we really believe that 'Land Rover Range rover' was the second most stolen car? I reckon it was frustrated owners desperate to get rid of the unreliable and expensive pile of !&*@x£/!
 2020 top vehicle thefts - legacylad
My pal wishes someone would steal his LR Discovery Sport. Unreliable piece of poop. Most of the mileage is done going backwards and forwards to the dealer for repairs.
 2020 top vehicle thefts - Bill Payer
Be interesting to see those figures expressed as a percentage vs number sold.
 2020 top vehicle thefts - No FM2R
Fiests No. 1??

Because there are more on the roads?
Because they're easy to steal?
Because they're easy to sell?

Because surely a stolen Fiesta is worth f.all?
 2020 top vehicle thefts - Duncan
>> Because surely a stolen Fiesta is worth f.all?

Very popular station car round here.
 2020 top vehicle thefts - Zero

>> Because surely a stolen Fiesta is worth f.all?

popular car broken for spares.
 2020 top vehicle thefts - legacylad
Worse things than a new Fiesta ST in your garage
 2020 top vehicle thefts - No FM2R
>>Worse things than a new Fiesta ST in your garage

Yay! a Fiesta that I can't drive in case the police see me, unless I put false plates on it, in case the police seem me. Without insurance or other protections etc. etc. etc.

There are not many worse things to have in your garage than a stolen Fiesta in your garage. Criminal *and* publicly embarrassing.
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 2020 top vehicle thefts - legacylad
I was chatting with my mums neighbour only yesterday about the most stolen cars. He was thinking about replacing his wifes current car with a Fiesta ST, but she’s a petrol head herself and whilst tempted wasn’t so sure given their nickability.
And quite likes her TTRS.
Nuff said..
 2020 top vehicle thefts - No FM2R
Nuff said??

Because your mum's neighbour's wife likes them? I might need slightly more than that to end a process.

It's a Fiesta. It looks like you need one for each foot. And you need to be 18 with a baseball hat on backwards to drive one.

If someone gave me one free I'd own it long enough to sell it and then buy a real car.
Embarrassing to be caught nicking one on purpose.
 2020 top vehicle thefts - Zero

>> If someone gave me one free I'd own it long enough to sell it and
>> then buy a real car.

Think you need to try one. A fiesta driven fast is still fun, even a new one.
 2020 top vehicle thefts - No FM2R
Oh I don't doubt it's fun. Probably FaF. But who'd want to live with it or be seen in it?
 2020 top vehicle thefts - Zero

>> And quite likes her TTRS.

What is it with barbie hairdresser cars round you way, I though all you Yorkshire types were roughty toughty
 2020 top vehicle thefts - legacylad
She is a girly, so I suppose it’s ok she drives a girly TTRS convertible.

Anyways I’m currently awaiting a ‘buy back ‘ price for my GTS before I buy myself a proper rufty tufty blokes car. The two ex Mrs LLs drive a Lexus IS and E Pace so I’ll ask their advice to avoid future humiliation in this pace, I mean place.
 2020 top vehicle thefts - No FM2R
>> I'm currently awaiting a 'buy back ' price for my GTS

How long have you owned it? And, depending on the offer I guess, are you still pleased you bought it?

I sometimes think about such a thing but I'm not sure I could bring myself to spend the money.
 2020 top vehicle thefts - legacylad
September ‘17. Despite all the good natured ribbing, it’s a fantastic piece of machinery. Utterly superb. Surpassed my exceptionally high expectations and don’t regret it for a second. As you probably know I was left more in my late Aunts will than I ever expected, and it was a now or never moment. A sibling received the same and invested the lump sum for income. Yawn. Life’s for living.
Financially possibly not the smartest move, but I wouldn’t get any enjoyment looking at a bank balance, and I’ve been heavily influenced to live for the moment by the very premature death of my father.
Truth is I get bored by a car after 3 years. When I go to Spain for 10/12 weeks I like to change my hire car every few weeks and I like driving different cars. I won’t change.
 2020 top vehicle thefts - No FM2R
>>and don't regret it for a second

And in the end that is *all* that matters.

I'll be interested to see what it costs you in the end. I assume that it is fairly under used and therefore probably desirable?
 2020 top vehicle thefts - legacylad
I’ll let you know.
It was a huge unexpected bonus and trying to quantify the pleasure it gave me, and continues to give me, in purely financial terms is impossible.
I’ve been darned fortunate.
 2020 top vehicle thefts - Rudedog
Neighbour bought a 64 plate one in metallic blue not long after I got my GTi, both of us make a lovely rumble at half six with our cold starts, I think the joy of a spirited drive is being forgotten by many, I can't wait for the chance to drive freely.

 2020 top vehicle thefts - No FM2R
>>I think the joy of a spirited drive is being forgotten by many

Here one can drive at anything from 'spirited' to 'raging nutter'. Sadly I rather seem to have lost the urge.

I was definitely at the 'nutter' end when much younger, but mostly can't be bothered these days. I don't dawdle, but much prefer wafting along. Not that b***** great SUVs are much good for exuberant driving anyway.

Unless you're up in the mountains and off road. Then they really, really are.
 2020 top vehicle thefts - legacylad
Spirited driving in Barbie would result in instant loss of driving licence if caught.

Fun driving is to be had in small cheap hire cars hooning around the Marina Alta or inland Tenerife away from the crowds. Ragging a C3, Pug 207 or Fiesta was an absolute hoot. Less so in a Renault Craptur or a brand new Zafira they insisted I have. After checking tyre pressures, wheel nuts and fluid levels which I did as a matter of course, cos you never know. And always having a spare wheel in my rental, even if it amounted to a surreptitious back hander to the rental agent
 Toyota GR Yaris. - Fullchat
My mate has just ordered one of these.
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 Toyota GR Yaris. - Lygonos
Significant skills on show there!
 Toyota GR Yaris. - Zero
Its a homologation special, even comes with a proper handbrake lever for doing that stuff.

 Toyota GR Yaris. - Zero
You can up it to 305 HP with a remap chip
 Toyota GR Yaris. - Duncan
>> My mate has just ordered one of these.

What's the problem smokie?

Why has fullchat's post been edited and my response deleted?
 Toyota GR Yaris. - VxFan
From what I can see, Fullchat's post has been edited to remove a link that wasn't supposed to be there, the car4play one that you were querying about, and just leaving reference to the Toyota GR Yaris.
 Toyota GR Yaris. - smokie
Yep, just keeping the place tidy, that's all
 Toyota GR Yaris. - Fullchat
Somehow this got tidied out :)
 Toyota GR Yaris. - sooty123
Looks like one of those ice racer cars that race on figure 8 tracks in france, austria etc
 Toyota GR Yaris. - VxFan
>> Yep, just keeping the place tidy, that's all

And someone (no names mentioned) made it untidy again
 Toyota GR Yaris. - Fullchat
If you want a job doing properly ....... :))
 2020 top vehicle thefts - Bobby
Many of these are obviously keyless entry thefts and it really is worrying how easy these cars are to steal. It’s been said before but only the owner loses out usually. The manufacturer may get a new sale under insurance payout and the insurance company gets to bump up everyone’s premiums due to the theft.
Interestingly, I saw a recent tweet by one of the English Police Forces where they had recovered a Tesla stolen from the dealer without keys. They noted that with the assistance of Tesla’s input, the police were able to drive it back to the dealer!
 2020 top vehicle thefts - No FM2R
>>Many of these are obviously keyless entry thefts

Yet the large majority were not. So does that mean they're even easier to steal? And how many of those cars offering keyless entry were still stolen without technology? Just nicking the keys, for example?

There seems to be a lot of emotional hype over keyless entry to me.
 2020 top vehicle thefts - VxFan
I wonder how many were hire cars?

Recently I was told by one hire company to lock the car and leave the keys on top of the offside front tyre. It was keyless entry, so even if a potential thief didn't know the key was hidden, he/she could still have gained access to the car and driven off after breaking the steering lock.

A common practice used by quite a few of them I believe, to "hide" the keys on the vehicle somewhere so their collection agent has easy access for the keys.

Another location I was told to leave them once was at the base of the windscreen tucked under the wipers!

They must have a very good relationship with their insurance company, as generally insurers refuse to pay out if the keys are left with or inside the vehicle. e,g when paying for fuel.

 2020 top vehicle thefts - Zero
Hire companies only insure against third party risk.
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