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 Flat battery - bathtub tom
Car wouldn't start yesterday, so charger on overnight and off to the motor factors this morning for a new one. The old one was coming up to seven years, so I thought it wasn't worth messing about.
Get home, open bonnet disconnect and remove old battery and guess where I put the new one? In the boot of course, which needs a power supply to open - B******.
Took longer to reset the clock, re-tune the radio and set up the bluetooth than to change the battery.
 Flat battery - Stuartli
My VW Jetta's Blaupunkt radio/CD unit is 14 years old, but is "married" to the vehicle, so that if I have to disconnect the battery for any reason it re-initialises itself after reconnection. Saves a lot of fiddling about!

Although the Jetta is still featuring its original exhaust system, I replaced the Varta battery after nine years even though it was still in good working order. A harsh winter had been forecast, so I did a swap and gave it to a friend who was fettling up an old Toyota sports car. The battery is still going strong apparently.....
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