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 Ford Focus ST - Would you... - MD one? 07 plate 104000 miles.
 Ford Focus ST - Would you... - Rudedog
I loved my previous diesel Golf which I had for fourteen years but when I changed to my GTi there is nothing like a truly fast petrol.

Big but… unless you can find a really clean untouched one then they are prime for power mods and the like which I’m sure would affect the reliability and driving pleasure.

I know that very clean Mk 5 Golf GTi’s of the same year now go for a premium.

 Ford Focus ST - Would you... - Manatee
If the price and condition were right, possibly. It's a 13/14 year old car.

2.5 5 cylinder turbo? sounds thirsty, does it matter?

It should certainly fly.
 Ford Focus ST - Would you... - legacylad
This very AM I’ve been looking online at the Fiesta ST, the 1.5 newer model, as a short term stop gap until later in the year when I anticipate big miles overseas with a larger load lugging capability which will change my priorities.
I’d prefer it debadged though.
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 Ford Focus ST - Would you... - Zero
ST? 07 plate? 104k?

You been eating the lead off the roof? First its alchohol free beer, and now you want to buy yourself a shed load of aggravation?

Pass on by mush, it will bite your ass and rip out your wallet faster than a junk yard Alsatian.
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 Ford Focus ST - Would you... - Zero
>> ST? 07 plate? 104k?

Second thoughts, ignore me, We could all do with a laff this year - Get round there and buy it.
 Ford Focus ST - Would you... - No FM2R

WTF would you want one of those for? Never mind an old and knackered one.
 Ford Focus ST - Would you... - Runfer D'Hills
I think on a fine day, it would be huge fun to hurl around a racetrack. The rest of the time though, it might make you look rather like an off duty builder.

Oh wait...yeah, whoops...

 Ford Focus ST - Would you... - Kevin
>WTF would you want one of those for? Never mind an old and knackered one.

That's what someone said to Mrs K.
 Ford Focus ST - Would you... - No FM2R
Did she have a convincing answer?
 Ford Focus ST - Would you... - MD
Thanks to Zed for being consistent. To you other denouncing Brastards - I thank you for your sound advice. :-)
 Ford Focus ST - Would you... - PeterS
Some of the most motoring fun I’ve had, certainly in terms of £/unit of fun, has been from random ad-hoc purchases. I don’t regret any of them. Merc W126 500 SEC (£1,250 - 2004) E30 BMW 325i (£900 - 2007) , Audi A8 4.2 Quattro (£750 I think, 2015?) , Audi 2.8 Cabriolet (£536 - 2013). Prices and years from memory - none were low mileage, all were bought sight unseen. And none of them were unreliable. Worst was the cabriolet, where the heater matrix went after about 4 years. Single most expensive was the 325 touring where I spent £1,200 on a suspension refresh. Cheapest was the cabriolet, which lost £36 in value in the time we had it. So, go for it!
 Ford Focus ST - Would you... - legacylad
This morning, just out of curiosity, I looked at second hand prices of the Fiesta ST. ( then I realised how silly that was. No fool like an old fool). Next thing there were pop up adds for the ST- Line. Big Brother is watching.
Like PeterS I need a cheap fun runaround until September. I’m not brave enough for an A8.
Wish me luck
 Ford Focus ST - Would you... - MD
I. Know of a 2007 focus ST. Right up your street LL :-)
 Ford Focus ST - Would you... - The Melting Snowman
I looked at one of these back in 2008 but a number of things put me off. The 2.5 litre 5 cylinder turbo Volvo engine drinks, as you would expect. If you enjoy the performance then it's easily possible to get less than 20 mpg. Costs of parts as it's a Volvo engine. I read on one of the Ford Forums at the time that one owner damaged the sump and it was some stupid price as it was a Volvo part, so no usual cheap Ford prices here. Also I was a bit disappointed with the fit and finish, no better than a humble Focus, the money has been spent on the chassis and oil bits. So great cars but it's won't be cheap to run. I settled on the humble 1.6 once common sense kicked in.
 Ford Focus ST - Would you... - smokie
I had a Mondeo with the same engine, didn't feel especially sporty and boy was it thirsty. And I'm sure I related the saga here that I was slightly late getting the 30k mile (maybe 32k) service, and a noise a few months later was diagnosed as terminal and I had to have a new engine not under warranty - car was only about 2yo I think. And a mate had the ST and had the same problem, and had heard of others...
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