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 studio434 - Zero

Was watching an episode of Salvage Hunters : Classic cars, where they rebuilt a FIAT 130 Coupe (swoon) and mention was made of Studio 434.

Had never heard of it
 studio434 - Netsur
Think he owns almost every AM Lagonda ever made...

Otherwise it's a rather eclectic mix with no real focus.
 studio434 - bathtub tom
Rodger Dudding. I managed to get in there a few years ago, I believe he's now moved to new, larger premises. There were twenty-odd AM Lagondas then, at least half-a-dozen Douglas Dragonflys and what looked like the entire fleet of St Johns ambulance emergency motorbikes (the story was there weren't enough motorbike licence holders to use them).
I believe a lot are used in period films and programs.

It's well worth a visit if you can get in there. When I went it wasn't open to the general public.
 studio434 - Manatee
I've been round it - I'm not sure it's open to the public, I went with a group by invitation in 2017, Roger Dudding hosted the event.

It's true there's no real focus to it, apart from the 20 AM Lagondas which I think are hideous as well as looking like a home made prototype.

I remember a beautiful Citroen convertible in particular, there's loads that would interest anybody even vaguely interested in cars.

Roger Dudding became very wealthy by buying up lock-up garages. There's a row near my son's flat that has a sign on it to the effect that it is owned by Dudrich Holdings. Wish I'd thought of it. I think he started the collection with cars he found in the garages, or maybe I made that up.

I'm sure I took a lot of photos, I haven't seen them for a while - I'll see if I can dig them out, I mustn't have filed them properly.
 studio434 - bathtub tom
>>Roger Dudding became very wealthy by buying up lock-up garages.

He also made a lot of money from (I believe) inventing and making those machines that dispense a numbered slip of paper for queueing at delicatessen counters and suchlike.
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