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 Driving Licence Renewal - Fullchat
My Driving Licence photograph and HGV entitlement are due for renewal on the 29th.

I'm letting the HGV bit go as I cant remember the last time i drove anything bigger than a fully loaded riot van and at 65 I'm not going to pursue a career as a Yorkie munching trucker + it would now be an annual medical.

So I sent off 3 weeks ago all the paperwork to ditch the HGV entitlement and renew the photograph.

It asked the question had I had any form of procedure on either eye? I stated 'yes' as a couple of years ago I had a single cataract operation. So my eyesight is probably better than when I last renewed.

Nothing has been returned and there are 2 days to go. I have tried every avenue to contact DVLA to no avail and just get binned off to try again. I would just like to know that they have actually received my renewal application and it is being processed. If it hasn't then theoretically, according to them, I could be driving without a licence after the 29th. As I understand it if they are processing then I can continue to drive.

Had this happened up to the 31st December 20 I would automatically have received a 12 month extension. We have of course been in in another lockdown but no further extensions given.

Anyone any similar experiences?
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 Driving Licence Renewal - Runfer D'Hills
Renewed mine last month. Took about 2.5 weeks to arrive. Yours might turn up yet.
 Driving Licence Renewal - maltrap
My wife received a reminder to renew her 70+ license in January. She applied online, her 73rd birthday was on the 11th April. To date she has had no response whatsoever. She re-applied online and filled in the reminder form with a covering letter and sent it 2 weeks ago. HJ mentions problems at DVLA on his website.
 Driving Licence Renewal - sooty123
Aren't the dvla going on strike due to issues with covid working practices?
 Driving Licence Renewal - Bromptonaut
>> Aren't the dvla going on strike due to issues with covid working practices?

Yes there was strike action:

Further walkouts threatened for May.
 Driving Licence Renewal - Terry
My limited experience of DVLA following medical advice not to drive for a period is that they are a bunch of total incompetents.

They clearly fail to understand reliance on on car transport - work, leisure, emotional etc. Whilst I wholly accept that if rendered medically unfit to drive for a period there may be a very good reason, there is no excuse for so woeful a level of "customer" service.
 Driving Licence Renewal - No FM2R
My experience of them over the last few years is that if you can work within their online systems then they are very good indeed.

It does rather tend to fall apart when you need human intervention though.
 Driving Licence Renewal - PeterS
Did a change of address online, and opted to renew at the same time as I’d only got a year left on the o,d one, and the replacement came in 2 working days!
 Driving Licence Renewal - Dave_
I’m on a few motor trade FB groups; the DVLA are dealing with the 95% run-of-the-mill work in a day or two, but the 5% that requires a proper look is taking weeks and weeks to process. Not that that’s much help to you, I know.
 Driving Licence Renewal - bathtub tom
Whatever you do, check the entitlement on the new licence (you'll probably need a magnifying glass, I did). I've heard of several motorcyclists who didn't have the relevant category on their new licence and it wasn't spotted until they got pulled by thr BIBs. They had to re-take their test!

SWMBO got the motorcycle group on her renewal, she's never ridden one, but according to her new licence she passed her motorcycle test sometime in her sixties.
 Driving Licence Renewal - Fullchat
I've heard that story several times BT. Both sides photographed :)
 Driving Licence Renewal - Fullchat
Little update. No licence but Ive managed a webchat where the DVLA operative said thet I dont need to carry a licence and I'm OK to drive as the licence is still valid.

I'd argue that technically you do have to produce a licence if required etc etc but in any event I've got a copy of the webchat saved. You just never know.
 Driving Licence Renewal - maltrap
Can you let me know how you managed to do a webchat.

Many Thanks
 Driving Licence Renewal - Fullchat
This is where I started:

Then answered a series of questions the answers of which leaned towards actually having to speak to someone. Once accepted waited about 7 min to start the conversation.

I tried yesterday and got binned off as they were busy.

 Driving Licence Renewal - R.P.
FC - go to the DVLA website,

Check your details and print them off, to ensure you don't lose entitlements.

Police rarely ask for DLs these days as they're all on PNC
 Driving Licence Renewal - maltrap
Thanks both.
 Driving Licence Renewal - Robin O'Reliant
>> Check your details and print them off, to ensure you don't lose entitlements.

I've just tried that, but my personal details and list of entitlements are on separate pages with nothing to link the two.

Am I missing something?
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 Driving Licence Renewal - R.P.
I see what you mean, the format appears to have changed.
 Driving Licence Renewal - Fullchat
Just doing a nozzel clean on my printer.

Page 4 'Get your check code' . Theres a Print option there. Gave me all my catagories and start/expiry dates. Full and Provisional entitlements.

All mine printed off yesterday.
 Driving Licence Renewal - Fullchat
Open with Adobe and then print Adobe PDF file on 2 pages.

Can also save electronically.
 Driving Licence Renewal - maltrap
I gave up on Webchat after 20 minutes. Then made a 4th application (3 online+ 1 postal)
This time i actually received an acknowledgement with a reference number, fingers crossed, this one works.
 Driving Licence Renewal - Robin O'Reliant
Mine comes up for it's ten year renewal in August. I've not only photographed it but taken a video as well, panning the camera and zooming in and out in case they accuse me of photoshopping it to add the bike entitlement.

Maybe overkill, but one can't be too careful. When we moved here in 2001 I had the solicitor make a signed copy of it as it was about the time tales of missing catagories were surfacing during the transfer to computerised records.
 Driving Licence Renewal - Update - Fullchat
Well the news is that there is no update.

Over 2 months in now. Nothing received.

Thought I'd make an effort today and wish I hadn't bothered.

Telephone - Operators extremely busy, binned.

Webchat - Some sort of automatic bot. After having to re type the same personal information as it progressed eventually binned as no one to take over the chat.

Have they got my licence and form?? Is it sat in a mail room somewhere whilst they deal with Covid or go on strike? Did it get there? Who knows?

If it takes much longer I'll have to have my photo re done :S

What a mess!! The good news is that my VEL reminder for the motorbike arrived on time with an increased rate.
 Driving Licence Renewal - Further Update - Fullchat
Further update and some success.

Following day actually got myself in a queue to talk to a human. Who put me in another queue to talk to another human.

After 45 minutes informed that they had received my documentation. it was being processed and the Medical Unit had sent out a Medical Declaration Form.

So it appears that because I had ticked the 'Have you had an eye operation Yes/No' and I responded Yes they had passed to Medical Unit which I understand.

Couple of days later said form V1 arrives which doesn't really cater for a historical cataract procedure but does for a whole host of other eye conditions. Inquires who my GP is, despite being referred by Opticians with no GP intervention, and whole host of other questions - dates, Consultant's details etc which I cant recall. However a quick call to our local eye hospital and all queries answered. I was fully expecting the 'Data Protection' routine and can you write in but it was not an issue.

Final question can you read a number plate from 20M uncorrected/corrected etc.

Form completed with a covering letter to cover up any potential ambiguities.

I'm thinking that the only relevant part for my circumstances is the the final question which is all you are asked to declare in any event with a standard licence.

Can't beat a bit of bureaucracy. They claim that it could be another 6 weeks. So that's around 4 months in total if there are no other hiccups.

They do appear to be having staffing issues for one reason or another.

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 Driving Licence Renewal - Further Update - bathtub tom
>>After 45 minutes informed that they had received my documentation. it was being processed and the Medical Unit had sent out a Medical Declaration Form.

>>Couple of days later said form V1 arrives

What a coincidence!
 Driving Licence Renewal - Further Update - Fullchat
 Driving Licence Renewal - Further Update - Bromptonaut
Once you've spent time searching for and finding Mr Chat's record you might as well process it.
 Driving Licence Renewal - Further Update - Fullchat
On contact the information was returned quickly I believe from a screen.

As an aside I was informed that if I didn't return the paperwork within 2 weeks my licence may be revoked. Cheeky monkees. :O
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