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 Using an EV in Europe - smokie
Has anyone driven an EV much in Europe, specifically Belgium Holland and Germany?

If so are charging points plentiful and functional? Better of worse then here? How did you pay, and you use the same cards to pay etc?

Despite having had a PHEV for a few years I've never had need to use a public charger.
 Using an EV in Europe - PeterS
Only just seen this smokie…sorry. While I haven’t driven an EV in Europe (we did take our PHEV Audi A3 a few times, but didn’t bother charging it except at the hotel), I did see a reasonable number of them on the road when I was in France last month, including UK registered ones. Mainly Teslas it has to be said. Charging infrastructure wise, there are chargers at the Eurotunnel terminal and many fuel stations on the autoroute. I also noticed that most towns in France had EV charging provision in some of their car parks, and the hotels I stayed at also had EV chargers, which included the Ibis and Campanile chains. But I imagine a reasonable amount of planning is required to ensure peace of mind, and I have no idea how many of the chargers I saw were working.
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