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The Berlingo is due a cambelt change @ c112,000 miles.

It's usually serviced etc at the supplying dealer, Perrys in MK where I'm OK to wait while the service is done. Cambelt however is a longer job and would involve various inconveniences with spending time getting to/from and that's even if there were a loan car available.

Bit of local exploration found that after an interregnum of two or three years we now have a Citroen franchise in Northampton. When asked to quote they gave the option of 'off the shelf' parts or approved Citroen parts. About £100 more for the latter.

I'd expect a non franchise operation to provide such an option but a new thing for me at a 'proper' dealer.

In other news I've also found that our local PSA/Renault indy specialist, who I've used for 25years, has thrown in the towel. Rang them repeatedly over the third week of August while in Scotland to get the Berlingo booked for MoT upon our return. No reply and answerphone mailbox full.

Still looked to be in business viewed from the main road but approaching his premises via the parallel service road all shut up. Cars still on forecourt but no prices or whatever. Notice confirmed ceased trading in early August and Creditors Voluntary Liquidation to follow.

I'd eased my own usage for servicing etc as he was little cheaper than the main dealer's. Had also had a couple of confidence jerkers over failure to deal with known issues on (a) my old Xantia (wiring issue between battery, alternator and starter) an (b) the original Berlingo's valve clearances.

Damned handy for dropping the car off before work and picking up homebound though.
 Franchise Dealer and Non Mfr Spares - Zero
Surprised the difference in price between OEM and pattern parts, its only a belt, tensioner and water pump at the end of the day, none of which should be that dear All the real cost will be labour.

(you are having the pump done of course!)
 Franchise Dealer and Non Mfr Spares - Bromptonaut
>> (you are having the pump done of course!)

Of course, on the Berlingo the pump is driven by the cambelt so gets replaced.

In one of life's kick in the wallet coincidences the Fabia's is also due. VAG UK advise changing at 5 years. Mines 2016 and <35,000. Will probably get it done for peace of mind but I suspect it would go to 10yrs without trouble. OTOH the original Berlingo started making odd tick, tick, tick, noises at about 4 years. At first I thought it was something in a tyre tread then realised it was tracking engine speed not road speed. Turned out an idler on the cambelt run was failing and pushing the belt off line causing it to fray.

Mrs B would never have even noticed...

On the Fabia's 1.2/90 petrol engine the water pump is at the other end of the block from the timing gear and driven by its own belt.
 Franchise Dealer and Non Mfr Spares - Bill Payer

>> In one of life's kick in the wallet coincidences the Fabia's is also due. VAG
>> UK advise changing at 5 years.

Must admit I chickened out and had wife's diesel Tiguan done at 5yrs - but only just over 30K miles.

However there do seem to be increasing numbers of people saying the UK recommendation is just nonsense, and the official VAG service system (Erwin?) says change at 130K miles, with no mention of time.
 Franchise Dealer and Non Mfr Spares - Lygonos
Quality generic parts will be the same as original, eg Gates timing belts and Mann filters.

Perhaps the dealer isn't tied to using manufacturer boxed stuff as OEM is sufficient for any warranty work.

I doubt they use barrels of Citroen oil either.
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