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 Safety tip - CGNorwich
Never drive in high heels.
 Safety tip - car4play
Given the car crash that is the current set of conservative PM candidates. I'm surprised he hasn't thrown his hat in the ring
 Safety tip - tyrednemotional
>>I'm surprised he hasn't thrown his hat in the ring

...bowler or fascinator?; decisions decisions.....
 Safety tip - Zero
Think I'll lay a few quid on him not being elected in the next election.
 Safety tip - car4play
Funny enough I had already read up on him as he is the CEO of this firm amongst others:

One of the main things with hard drive data recovery is that you are comfortable about a firm having your data in their sole possession and then charging to recover it without ripping you off.

They may be perfectly legit about how they go about this, but in the end I went with the firm recommended on the Western Digital website as I thought, as it turns out rightly, they would be very professional in their approach.
 Safety tip - VxFan
"Tory MP ‘was wearing black leather mini-skirt and high heels when he crashed’"

That's what happens when you're in the wrong gear.
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