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 ...But, will she now resign? - tyrednemotional
 ...But, will she now resign? - Bromptonaut

Reports suggest she's trying to wriggle off the hook over some of the offences and suggesting case should have been remitted to a District Judge for sentence.
 ...But, will she now resign? - tyrednemotional
The above is the report from that sentencing hearing - she escaped none of it.

The irony is that a key part of her platform for election as PCC was cracking down on road safety, and particularly speeding.

The whole "special reasons" thing seems to be cobblers, but an attempt by someone who can afford it, and has connections*, to bypass the due process and penalty. It is entirely possible to carry out the journeys specified in the appeal by public transport (Beeston is local and Nottingham to Salisbury is possible in a day by train, with hours in Salisbury).

One occurrence might have been appealable - but she was patently in the habit of exceeding limits.

*her husband is the MP for Broxtowe.

(As in the comments, she'd have been better pleading extenuating circumstances of only having one leg - see picture in the middle of the story ;-) )
 ...But, will she now resign? - Manatee
Were I the PCC I don't think I'd have the brass neck to try and get off a ban for 5 speeding offences in 4 months, beyond the most grovelling apology and show of remorse I could manage.
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