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 Paddy Hopkirk RIP - Bromptonaut
Now being reported that sixties rally driver Paddy Hopkirk has died. Main claim to fame was winning the Monte Carlo Rally in Minis.

I was still at Primary School at thetime but remember him being on telly.

HAd both Corgi and Scalextric models of his Mini.
 Paddy Hopkirk RIP - Zero
Sad, one of those racers names I grew up with.
 Paddy Hopkirk RIP - hawkeye
In the early '70s my stepdad had a Paddy Hopkirk seat cover in black vinyl with bolsters for back and thighs, modelled possibly on a Recaro seat of the time. It was a bit floppy in his Mini so he passed it on to me. It fitted my Beetle seat perfectly and held me in position while I learned about the risks of getting the swing axles jacked up during immature cornering moves.

RIP Paddy Hopkirk.
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