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 Nice day out. - R.P.
Small road trip/walk/business thing/meal.

From where we live in St Asaph on a Foodbank business trip just off the A55 near Bangor then we meant to go to Anglesey bit it seemed entombed in a sea mist with a potential for a little rain so we diverted to Llanberis and the sun came out to let us enjoy a 6km walk with the dog...then onto Capel Curig for eats at the wonderful Siabod Cafe - then back via Betws y Coed and up the awesomly pretty Conwy Valley and back to the A55, plus points, clean fresh air (quite mild) excellent food and a giant Scone to takeaway and quite deserted A roads. An old school road trip, powered by my in-laws' 1000cc Ford Fiesta (being de-bugged after standing for a few weeks)...not a ball of fire by any means but comfortable enough with a good radio.. (ooh and a tankful of cheap petrol £1.40 a litre)
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 Nice day out. - smokie
My grandmother lived in Rhyl 0when I was a kid (before it got so rundown) so we spent a lot of time up there. I remember all of the places you've mentioned with some fondness - I said the other week I'd like to go to Betws again. The Llanberis pass and Horseshoe pass were favourites. Rhuddlan castle also. I really should go that way again... for old times sake... but I feel my memories will be spoilt.

My Dad used to take us on mystery tours, where we would just say "next left" , "next right" and see where we ended up. I remember peacocks at Gwrych (sp?) castle and going to the Great and Little Orme's. I remember well watching Punch and Judy many times under the clocktower in Rhyl, also seeing a real elephant from the visiting circus taking a dump outside the theatre there, where we saw a lot of shows. My Grandmother had a changing hit thing near the beach and I used to like going round the lifeboat house. The large herd of donkeys for the beach were kept over the back of the town and passed by my Grandmothers house morning and night.

As I got older I can remember the running battles in the streets between mods and rockers, and the police meeting the Bank Holiday trains and taking the boots off the skinheads on the platform. That was those who weren't on Lambrettas or Vespas.

I also became something of a pinball wizard through spending too much time and money in the arcades there. The Black Cat was my favourite. My GM knew the owner of one of the largest, which we called Vernons (his name!) but it was actually something else I think.

I could go on but I already did!! :-)
 Nice day out. - legacylad
In the late 70s, my first house was in Bradford and myself and friends always spent one weekend a month in Snowdonia. Camped in several locations, walked, climbed, and got to know the area intimately.
Spent several Bank Holidays there under canvas.
Then left Bradford and those weekend trips were spent in the Lakes and Scottish Borders, so never really returned apart from my ski club annual summer weekend to Barmouth. Windsurfing on Bala and walking in the Cader Idris area. Rented a large SC property up a steep narrow road behind Barmouth.

Returned to Anglesey shortly after the coast path opened circa 2006. Pal of mine was writing an article on it so we spent a sunny week walking most of it.

Not been back to N Wales or Anglesey since, but had a great holiday backpacking the Pembrokeshire CP a few years ago.
 Nice day out. - Boxsterboy
>> The Llanberis pass and Horseshoe pass were favourites.

We were up in Snowdonia in September - my first time there! Gorgeous place. Apart from the usual climbing/hiking we were swimming/paddleboarding in the lakes and my personal favourite - cycling including up and down the Llanberis Pass
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