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 M25/A3 overnight closures - henry k
M25 and A3 drivers face 28-mile diversion as overnight closures start
(Get Surrey map)
 M25/A3 overnight closures - Zero
They are of course the posted diversions. Google maps will divert you with little increase in mileage.
 M25/A3 overnight closures - Kevin
When they were P'ing around with the M25/M3 junction with overnight closures and lane restrictions, Google Maps was the only reliable source of traffic info.
Nothing on the highways website, gantries or diversion signs was correct. They had diversions to slip roads that were also closed, closures outside the stated hours and diversions that would have looped back on themselves.

It was a complete mess.
 M25/A3 overnight closures - Duncan
I was driving home last night just after 10p.m. alomg M3/M25. I saw the "J10 closed" notice on the gantry just in time and came off at J11, then home through Weybridge. Made very little difference to my arrival time at The Towers.
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