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 Log into met police - wotspur
My son in the last few weeks has been caught on theA40 doing in excess of the limits through the roadworks , two days running .
As I’m the registered keeper , but he Was driving , and I want him to learn to deal with these situations , I redirected the two charges to him .
So far he’s only received one directive back from the police
To try and help sort it out, I went into the MET POLICE login , and filled out the details required for both tickets using the notice no, the ref and no plate details ……neither one was accepted .
As far as I can find there is no contact no, or a away of reporting this snag , any suggestions please
 Log into met police - Fullchat
The notice that was sent to you that you have forwarded to your son should have incorporated 2 processes. The first is the NIP (Notice of Intended Prosecution) and the second a 172 declaration which you return and, as the registered keeper, name the driver at the time of the alleged offence.
I don't know of an alternative method as the 172 is part of the legal process in that if you fail, as the registered keeper, to notify you also commit an offence.
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 Log into met police - wotspur
So after ringing 101 , I to the met police on 0207 230 1199
They explained the ref and security no , become obsolete when you transfer to another person . Fairly obvious but thry could explain this would happen if transferred .
Thanks Fullchat for the answer
 Log into met police - Terry
I would send them a letter confirming the conversation by registered mail.

There may be no problem - but if there is a foul up you will have documented evidence of your actions which should leave you in the clear.
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