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 Dog restraint in car - Bobby
I don’t restrain my dog in the car.
He is in the boot unrestrained. He would never want to jump over the seats and the strategically raised rear headrests would prevent him being thrown into the back area.

So I feel there is no reason to tie him down or similar. However reading this has made me think, is there something that folk recommend that would stop this happening but still give him the freedom to sit, stand, lie down, rotate etc etc?

Would rather not go down the road of a cage, either half boot or full boot size though?
 Dog restraint in car - sooty123
You can buy dog jackets that attach to the seatbelts that let them move about.
 Dog restraint in car - Bobby
>>You can buy dog jackets that attach to the seatbelts that let them move about.

Yeah dog doesnt get into back seat - the boot is his abode.
 Dog restraint in car - sooty123
>> >>You can buy dog jackets that attach to the seatbelts that let them move about.
>> Yeah dog doesnt get into back seat - the boot is his abode.
Could you get one of those covers that go over the back and base of the back seats?
 Dog restraint in car - Bobby
Could do but the boot is for the dog and the seats are for humans in my car!
 Dog restraint in car - VxFan
>> Could do but the boot is for the dog and the seats are for humans in my car!

Where do you put the shopping?
 Dog restraint in car - Zero


I personally know of this happening to someone, a rear end shunt, rear window breaks, two scared dogs escape, turned into roadkill.

I also know of passengers being injured by being hit by flying dogs in a crash.

In your shoes, my solution would be a divider between rear seats and boot (the headrest are not designed to prevent intrusion from rear to front). and a model specific rear dog guard fitted.

Barjo are the makers of choice in dog sport world.

I have a bespoke twin dog box made by Lintran.
 Dog restraint in car - Bromptonaut
To be honest a 'dog guard' is worthwhile for anybody with an estate car or hatchback. We put one in the BX after realising that unrestrained luggage could cause mayhem in a sudden stop scenario. Same with the Xantia amd both Berlingos.

Daughter had a seat belt device that was part of a kit with the Spaniel's harness but in their own car he went in the boot of their Octavia Estate in his crate.
 Dog restraint in car - henry k
Sons Audi Q5 came with a factory fitted option heavy grade cargo /dog restraint net that fits from floor to roof. Do other manufactures off this type of option.
His Q5 also has tracks in the floor for cargo restraint fittings.
 Dog restraint in car - Bromptonaut
The four in our various Citroens were all 'after market' but Citroen/PSA branded and specific to the cars they were fitted to. Some were easy to fit others - current 'lingo - were a PITA. None went down to the floor and the designs varied as to how the lower fixings worked but on none of them could they fail unless the back of the rear seat did too.

No rails in the boot itself but there were always tie down points. We use those in the current Berlingo with ratchet straps to keep the Bromptons upright in the boot.
 Dog restraint in car - Bobby
So just last week I sold the X1 specific dog guard that fitted above the seat backs - had never used it since he had grown to his full size. Was always a pain if you were putting the back seat down for dump runs or putting bike in back or whatever!

Maybe I should have asked this question a fortnight ago!!!
 Dog restraint in car - bathtub tom
Mine always curled up in the front passenger footwell (fought for space with SWMBO's feet) until we got near somewhere they knew and then their nose would be up against the fresh air vent.
 Dog restraint in car - Slightlyfatdirector
Whilst I have a cage, it's a pain to assemble and fit for a short run so I have a simple strap that clicks into the seatbelt clip on the back seat (three options and you just pick the one that suits your car) and then has a clip hook at the other end that I attach to the ring the dog's harness and she sits on the back seat.

I wonder if there is one that you could clip into the central seatbelt slot and then feed back into the boot to do the same?

If you type dog seatbelt strap into your search engine it will give a few options. £4 from Pets at home for example.
 Dog restraint in car - Kevin
Isn't it possible to just loop the dog's lead through one of the tie-downs in the back for short trips to the doggy toilet?
 Dog restraint in car - Runfer D'Hills
Neither my current dog (no that’s not a breed) or any of his predecessors has ever been allowed onto any furniture whether that be in the house or car.
He travels in the boot of my estate car, in a cage.
Dogs are dogs, not furry children.
 Dog restraint in car - R.P.
The Springer sits in the boot of the Mini. We sold our V60 shaped TransK9 cage when we chopped the V60 for the XC40. He was happy in the cage. He is now conditioned enough to remain in the boot area of the Mini. I occasionally forget he's there he's so quiet. Time will tell when the A4 is collected as to what happens. Im wouldn't want him inside the cabin.

That was our third TransK9 cages, they are expensive but beautifully built. and command a premium on the second hand market.
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