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 Car insurance installments - legacylad
In recent, more affluent years, I’ve always paid 12 months upfront. The downside of so doing is a big hit if you change your car...if you change policies mid term, can the insurer come after you for more, or can you just cancel the policy and direct debit and take out a new one with a different insurer ?

I had a quick chat with Admiral today....I can add a second car to my policy, ( the one I’ll take to France, Spain & Andorra) with full NCD....seems easy to do.....
Initial insurance quote for one car with Admiral was £494...renewal with my current insurance provider was £213. Same excess and particulars.

Any advice on best way of adding another car...assuming I’ll keep it for the long term as a run around, as I think the GRYaris will be a keeper ?
 Car insurance installments - CGNorwich
You insurance premium is an annual contract with an annual premium which the Insurer is allowing you to pay by instalments. If you cancel mid-term the Insurer is contractually entitledto the full annual premium subject to any refund allowable under cancellations terms contained within the policy.

So no you can't just stop paying the instalments and walk away.

 Car insurance installments - legacylad
Thanks CGN...I suspected as much.

On a Spanish forum there were several mutterings from car insurance policy holders who had cancelled their insurance mid term and returned to the U.K. and had received little, if anything, back from the insurer.
They were advised ( by others on the forum) that in future to pay by instalments and simply cancel the DD and walk away. I suspected it wasn’t that simple !

I need to find an insurer where I can add a second car and use my long No claims discount on both vehicles...without paying an extortionate amount up front to Admiral.
 Car insurance installments - CGNorwich
NCD is earned and applied per vehicle so I think you will be out of luck. Shop around for multi car policies.
 Car insurance installments - legacylad
>> NCD is earned and applied per vehicle so I think you will be out of
>> luck. Shop around for multi car policies.
As above, had a chat with a person at Admiral insurance today....was told on their multi car insurance I could use my NCD when I bought a second vehicle. Unfortunately the initial cost of insuring car 1 was £494 rather than the £219 renewal quote I’ve had.
 Car insurance installments - Kevin
Try Adrian Flux LL.

If you give them a call and explain exactly what you need they'll try and tailor a policy to suit you.
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