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 Car rental- Ibiza - Dieselboy
Evening all,

Does anyone have any recommendations for car hire in Ibiza? I've see on another thread OK Mobility mentioned...

The likes of Holiday Autos are coming back with frankly daft prices - £566 for a week from 29/7 for a Renault Captur!! OK Mobility are a more reasonable €274 for a basic price on a Golf. I can buy excess insurance before going.

Thanking yous.
 Car rental- Ibiza - legacylad
Give me dates...I’ll check it out on my OKMobility Account week car hire from the date quoted ?
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 Car rental- Ibiza - legacylad
Dieselboy....I’ve logged in to my OKMobility get loyalty points if you register with them, and online trackers mean that discounts pop up regularly on FB so these prices, just quoted, can probably be beaten.

One week, noon on Saturday 29/07 , collection at Ibiza airport....non refundable and full to full fuel....
Fiat 500/ Pug 108 €227
Pug 208 €235
Golf €247
VW T Cross €271

I/we travel light...hand luggage only, even for 3 weeks so normally get the smallest car even if there are 3 of us.....not normally the case with most of the fairer sex.

I paid €37 26/03 > 4/04, but paying €196 for 3 weeks in May. Obviously more in July & August.

Hope that helps
 Car rental- Ibiza - Dieselboy
Certainly does - thank you.

Yes, a week from 29/7.

We're a family of 4, kids are 5 and 11. We just about managed with an Eco Sport in Italy when they were 1 and 6 so a Golf should do us. No pushchair or baby type stuff this time!

I'll have a further look at them.

Muchos gracias!
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 Car rental- Ibiza - legacylad
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 Car rental- Ibiza - Dieselboy
Thank you.

I like the way they're inviting me to pay €21 extra for roadside assistance with the guarantee of replacing the car if it breaks down. Um, shouldn't that be the norm?!
 Car rental- Ibiza - legacylad
Always the case…even with my brand new Seat Ibiza I hired in January with 60 Kms on the clock.
And child seats , windscreen cover , sat nav
Etc etc
All studiously avoided by me.
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