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 Selling Dad’s car - Bobby
As mentioned elsewhere, unless the insurance renewal is preferential, then my 92 year old dad is giving up driving and so looking to sell his 2012 Nissan Note automatic.

He got it in 2015 for £6500 at 15000 miles and 8 years later, it is now at 37000 miles.

Looking at autotrader prices, well they are nuts. A few pretty much exact matches are between £6200 and £7000 !

WBAC are quoting £4k though the car has 4 scraped alloys and a couple bumper scuffs which will bring that down more.

Tempted to try punting it at £5k on private pages but do not want any comeback on my dad who lives alone so don’t want any chap on his door from a disgruntled buyer (though there is nothing known about the car to cause this)

Or WBAC route which is clean and gets it off his hands.

If selling privately, how do you deal with payment nowadays? Bank transfer standing in the driveway with the buyer and their card reader? And then remove from the account it is paid into straight away to prevent any form of fraud recall?

 Selling Dad’s car - bathtub tom
>> do not want any
>> comeback on my dad who lives alone so don’t want any chap on his door
>> from a disgruntled buyer

You could get the address on the V5 changed to yours and sell it from your address. I believe a new V5 is issued at no cost. I did this when my SIL wanted to sell their car and didn't have a clue how to go about it.

The last car I sold privately, the cash was transferred in a PO, where it was checked (they refused one note), counted and deposited into my bank account. The keys, receipt and relevant part of the V5 handed over.
 Selling Dad’s car - Falkirk Bairn
Selling privately - Chips Away investment of wheels & bumpers might be an idea worth looking into. That along with a thorough clean inside & out will appeal to a private buyer.

A son sold his 3 series in early November - he considered Auto Trader route but then thought about people coming to the door and payment issues.

Sold it to Manheim, over £1,000 more than WBAC - Manheim paid in full, no deductions - the car was immaculate.

Auctioned, it appeared at a garage 15 miles away and is well over priced and, funnily enough, still sitting on forecourt. Awaiting for somebody prepared to pay roughly £16,500 on a £15K car.
 Selling Dad’s car - Runfer D'Hills
Agree with FB here. People buy on appearance. Almost certainly worth having it “done up a bit” if selling privately.
As a student I made a decent supplementary income by buying tired and neglected old cars and just polishing a profit into them.
Get the wheels done, the scrapes buffed or repaired, a new set of number plates if they’re tatty and a deep valet and polish.
You’ll get top dollar if you do.
 Selling Dad’s car - Bobby
Yeah I would definitely be giving it the full valet treatment.
Diamond cut alloys if i remember rightly (cos my son’s Polo has them) are at least 3 figures a wheel I’m sure. Not sure if that would be worth it? And the hassle that would go with getting it to a wheel place.
Re V5, my dad and I share same name so address change might be an option…..

I will need to get a full walk round in daylight and check the car over I think. No doubt I have missed issues. But you might be right, investing some pennies might pay dividends.
 Selling Dad’s car - smokie
I'd say it depends to some extent how much and/or how quickly you need the money (though I know every last bit is helpful).

I find 2nd hand car selling quite tedious - takes time and effort and possibly drags on for several weeks.

When FIL died we put his car through WBAC - they knocked a bit off when they saw it but as far as we were concerned no effort went into selling it, not even cleaning. It was a very run of the mill car - a medium size Peugeot IIRC.

OTOH when I was shifting the Ampera I took the view that was very much a niche car and the only people who would view it were likely to buy, as it was in very smart nick and decent mileage etc, and they were hard to come by. There were only 1200 ever in the UK or something like that. So I booked a full valet, new MOT for the Thursday and put the ad up on the Wednesday, at a reasonable price for the car but well over the one or two which were on Autotrader, as they were much higher mileage and scruffy. Within an hour or so of putting the ad up a chap from Yorkshire contacted me and wanted to see it early on Thursday. He arrived about 10:30 IIRC, after the MOT and before it was time for valeting etc, agreed to buy it for full asking so I took him round to the valet etc and he eventually drove away in the car. I feel he paid by bank transfer but I did have a lot of evidence of who he was (which I suppose could have been fraudulent but it wasn't).

Had it been a more run of the mill I expect I'd have either part exchanged or WBAC or similar.
 Selling Dad’s car - Duncan

>> WBAC are quoting £4k though the car has 4 scraped alloys and a couple bumper
>> scuffs which will bring that down more.

I sold a car 18 months, or so back, I got the best price from Motorway. Had to take lots of photos. The money was in my bank account before the car left my drive.
 Selling Dad’s car - Bobby
Mmm Motorway is saying £4600 as a starting price…
 Selling Dad’s car - Slightlyfatdirector
I found WBAC do what you may expect them to. Try and find anything wrong down to a stone chip and knock off £100+ for every single instance. Quick to deal with and money paid quick and I used them for a past company car back in 2018, but only for speed and lack of other options.

A colleague recently used Motorway to shift another older company car. Dealers will bid for it and you may see offers above what the estimate is. You never know. I guess there is nothing to be lost in giving at a go and your not contracted to sell to them.

It saves the hassle of advertising privately and getting tyre-kickers trying to haggle you down and also getting cleared funds into an account.

Is there a Nissan dealer locally? Maybe they would be interested?

We sold my daughter's Clio to a local Renault dealer and got top-end Motorway price for it (a lot more than the WBAC quote before their inevitable price reductions), so could be worth a chat on the phone?

My daughter was quoted a price and when we took it to the dealer they actually increased their offer....
 Selling Dad’s car - Mapmaker
>>And then remove from the account it is paid into straight away to prevent any form of fraud recall?

Doesn't help you one bit; the bank will put you into overdraft and take you through the courts until they get the cash back from you.
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 Selling Dad’s car - Terry
Those advertising on Autotrader at the higher end of prices are probably trying it on a little - perhaps £5500-6000 would be a more realistic estimate of the price you would get if wheels, body scuffs and valet were sorted.

The work on your dads car may cost £5-800 at a guess. This brings the net Autotrader price to ~£4750-5250 - what you will end up with after the work is done and the car is sold.

Selling the car to a trader (WBAC) will get you ~£500-1000 less.

This is the price you are paying for a simple guaranteed transaction. Only you can decide whether it is worth it to avoid the hassle of getting the work done, dealing with possibly multiple viewings, dealing with payment method, and the risk of a disgruntled buyer.
 Selling Dad’s car - slowdown avenue
i bought a nissan note automatic 61 plate 10.5 k miles for 4860 quid in nov 2018 which was a little more than she was being offered on wbac now on 50000 miles drove the other day after being in the audi a3 22 plate. and boy what a good car the note is . for me its a keeper
. try selling it off your front garden
 Selling Dad’s car - Bobby
Well, a wee update.
Dad’s renewal only £100 more than last year so he has decided to renew for another year.

So not selling car or getting a mobility scooter!
 Selling Dad’s car - slowdown avenue
wife's insurance just, was £309 last year. was £ 214. the year before. nothing changed just both a year older
 Selling Dad’s car - Dave_
That's good news Bobby. I was going to add in that you weren't expecting the car to be worth almost what he paid for it 8 years ago, so if in your head it was worth £4k then just throw it at WBAC, bank the cash and move on. Attempting to get that extra few hundred is rarely worth the lengths we go to for it.
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