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 BMW 5-Series E?? - Poor Refinement? - Phil F
Morning everyone,anybody a 5 Series owner here please?Have recently bought a very good condition 520d SE auto,2012,with only 42,000 miles on the clock.Seemed like a nice idea,am beginning to wonder now though.I did expect it to be rather more refined,it does feel like it's constantly labouring in standard comfort mode particularly in lower gears,road and cabin noise is high,I previously had a CRV which knocks spots of it lol!On the subject of road noise I have been strongly advised to change the run flats that are on it to normal tyres,would appreciate any opinions on this please?....Thanks.
 BMW 5-Series E?? - Poor Refinement? - Bobby
Not got experience of this model but it is a 12 year old car now!

General consensus for my own BMW model is get rid of run flats as they are noisier and give a harsher ride.
 BMW 5-Series E?? - Poor Refinement? - Zero
I have the G31 540i x-drive. Cant comment on the labouring engine, but the gearbox does tend to favour gears a little too low in comfort mode. Not a problem in my 6cl 3 litre turbo petrol, but might be in a 2 litre 4 pot diesel.

Road noise and comfort? yes run flats are noisy and hard, if refinement is your thing, dump them for a normal tyres, and get a pump/can of goo kit. However, mine was very much improved by careful choice and research of tyres, I have good year run flats I am very happy with refinement wise.

Everyone disses run flats, but they worked for me. Puncture on the M3 at 70+, TPWS wailed at me, pressure dropped front left to zero, I drove it 30 miles home at 50mph, drove it to the tyre shop next morning.
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 BMW 5-Series E?? - Poor Refinement? - R.P.
I'd be looking at the age of the tyres and if the tyres have flat spots if it's been standing for a long time given the very low mileage. BMWs are very sensitive to their tyres. You need "premium" tyres on it and they need to match on all four corners.
 BMW 5-Series E?? - Poor Refinement? - R.P.
Never had problems with noisy run-flats across 1/2 a dozen BMWs
 BMW 5-Series E?? - Poor Refinement? - Phil F
Thanks R.P.,have you had a 5 Series?
 BMW 5-Series E?? - Poor Refinement? - Kevin
Is the 5 Series known to be fussy about suspension bushes Zero?

Cheap enough for OP to check their condition by putting it through an MOT.
 BMW 5-Series E?? - Poor Refinement? - Zero
>> Is the 5 Series known to be fussy about suspension bushes Zero?

A bit, age and/or mileage dependent - makes it just a bit "floppy" and possibly clonky

Engine mounts at that age could be suspect too

 BMW 5-Series E?? - Poor Refinement? - Phil F
Thanks everyone for your replies,most informative!
 BMW 5-Series E?? - Poor Refinement? - Slightlyfatdirector
Biggest change I found for road noise was to switch to Michelin tyres. I have nothing linking me to the company but a change from Pirelli's to Michelins a few years ago on a Volvo was transformative.

I would stick with the run-flats though, and for a rear-drive BM then consider CrossClimate (or any other) All Seasons tyres if you are ever going to see ice / snow. They are brilliant.

Getting back to the UK from France in ice and snow a few years ago would have been utterly impossible with standard tyres and RWD if I had not thought to buy snow-socks. I know snow is less prevalent here but just knowing you've got decent rubber on the road is reassuring.

I had a blowout on a 2018 E-Class estate on the M23 a couple of years ago and was slightly frightening and had to wait to be lifted off the motorway. A can of gunk would not have solved the issue as a bolt had gone through the tyre.

The run flats on an earlier 2008 520d Touring I had were great peace of mind and road noise was really not a thing.

If it isn't the tyres there is probably something else going on.... Good luck!
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