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In a previous post I acquired a Vitara for my 6 week Spanish road trip…ferry to Santander, explored Basque Country, joined friends for a glorious week walking in the Spanish Pyrenees ( based in Vielha) then C Blanca and and off the beaten track return to Santander.
2019 1.4 Boosterjet SZ5 of the last pre mild hybrids. Great all round visibility, swallowed my camping gear, lovely turquoise colour, 52mpg overall.
Appreciate they are super reliable, go well in a lightweight body with 140 horse, but I can’t get used to the ( durable) cheap interior, light steering ( tyre pressures are fine) and above all high speed motorway manners over a long distance and several hours ( yes I should drive slower).

My head has been turned by a CX30 in Soul Red.
Much reduced all round viz, less interior space ( tuff luck rear seat passengers) but all the reviews rate it very highly, nicer cabin ambience, lovely gear change, more of a drivers car.

I’m trying very hard not to take the 186bhp version for a test drive. Neither car is four wheel drive, and my mechanic pal tells me the Vitara is a beauty when he had it up on the ramps. Even so…and I’ve fitted new Continentals, recently serviced with pads, bought a space saver kit. Madness.
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>>CX30 in Soul Red.

Not sure about the CX30, but Mazda Soul Red is one of my favourite car colours. I also like the deep metalic Ink Blue that Nissan did a while back.

Mrs Z and I had a road trip to Portsmouth yesterday to see OMD and she is clearly in the market for a new car (but I want to retire). She spotted a few Soul Red Mazdas and commented on how good they looked..
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Tastes differ.
We bought our 2020 Vitara last year and find it fine on long motorway trips at an indicated 70. No steering or handling issues despite the slabby light body. The interior is basic but, even though it’s a level below yours, it’s OK too.
Is it perhaps that it’s shown up by your GR Yaris, that I assume you still have?
If so then any replacement for the Vitara might have a tough bar to meet.
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Hi Martin..I don’t compare it to the GRY in any shape or form. That would be an awful car for motorway mile munching !
I can happily live with the low rent interior in mixed driving, but it’s a different matter on my planned 3,000 mile trip this summer. Covering that kind of distance, including an afternoon slog to Portsmouth, I like to be happy and comfortable, little cabin and road noise, and a nice ambience…probably spoilt in a previous life covering big miles in a Passat CC and similar.

Obviously, when much younger, camping trips to Switzerland in a mini, and south of France in a Sputfire were huge fun. I’ve gotten old and picky !
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>> My head has been turned by a CX30 in Soul Red.

...gorgeous colour on the right car. (reputed to be a scratch magnet, though)

By coincidence I've followed a Soul Red CX60 this morning - reg. no. CX60 RED.
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