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 Where's Lud? - Cliff Pope
He was a regular and amusing contributor to the other forum, but I haven't seen any sign of him here. He may have changed his name of course, but his style was pretty distinctive.
Does anyone know whether he has successfully crossed over yet?
 Where's Lud? - Zero
He has, but I wont tell you his moniker, but some carefull reading of writing style will reveal the truth.
 Where's Lud? - Robin O'Reliant
I'm still trying to figure out who half the people are/were.

Whatever happened to Robin Reliant?
 Where's Lud? - R.P.
He became Reliant Robin.
 Where's Lud? - John H

>> Does anyone know whether he has successfully crossed over yet?

Either he went upmarket and became a purveyor of the best French cuisine, or went downmarket to dish out the worst cussing to be found in London. One or the other.

 Where's Lud? - Clk Sec
>>Where's Lud?

He's Almond Croissant. Sorry to spill the beans...
 Where's Lud? - Cliff Pope
Got it - thanks. Mum's the word.

I wondered about that one, but a word search failed to show up either "mimser" or "carphound".
I had myself considered the possibilities of contriving a personality change to coincide with the forum switch, but concluded sadly that really I am only any good at playing me.

Obviously he will now have to keep well clear of any of my postings for fear of blowing his cover. But not too distant, because that would look suspicious too.
 Where's Lud? - Cliff Pope
You got in before me - I had just worked that out!
 Where's Lud? - Zero
I prefer to know him as the hydra. Many headed, but only one spits venom.

As John H knows.
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