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 New Member - Lee from 1996
Hi, I'm Lee, I'm 16 years old and can't wait to pass my test and start to drive. Joined a motoring forum to gain tips on potential first cars and motoring advice.
 New Member - nice but dim
Welcome to the madhouse Lee!
 New Member - FocalPoint
Hello and welcome, Lee.

Do bear in mind that there are a lot of old-ish guys on here who are well set in their ways. (Ahem...) If you knew their ages you would be horrified. I mean, some of them are ancient - positively prehistoric. Old enough to be your great-grandfather, at least.

Don't let that put you off - there is a HUGE amount of experience to draw on - life-experience, as well as motoring experience.


Some of us try to keep our sense of humour intact, as well.
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 New Member - MD
Who are you inferring is an old git FP?

Welcome Lee, I remember it well, but by then I had a Moped (Yamaha FS1e) all the rage then and a classic now and then yearned for a real bike by 17yo. Got it too followed by a car. Hope you enjoy the site if you can stay with the Old Gits!!
 New Member - Ted

Mein Gott in Himmel...I was 51 when Lee was born ! Lord knows how old Roger was !

Welcome, Lad. We'll get you on the road.

 New Member - Zero
BBD will get you a nasty little rash!
 New Member - MD
Nasty Little Rash....................Cool for Squeeze...
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