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 Mazda - Mazda 323 Familia GTR 1992 4WD Import - hetzer
Well, there you go.
Just knew my ultra rare GTR would not show up in the drop down boxes.
Now these cars are soooooo rare, especially in the UK.
I've never seen another 'in the flesh', but you will know if you do,
blink and you will miss it.
These are fast, really fast.
Typically the Japs kept the best for themselves, with only a handful going to Australasia.
Most were raced or rallied into oblivion but not my pride and joy.
Mine is totally concours with 80,000 km, never taken out in the wet.
Minor tweeks up to 240bhp from the big turbo 1840 DOHC engine.
The best and most fun drive I've ever had.
Keep your Mini Cooper S, Lotus Elises, Golf GTIs, till you've driven one of these
you have no idea.
I've had a Civic Type R, rubbish till you rev it hard, Nissan 200SX, rubbish,
Cooper S, two a penny and silly money.
The torque and overtaking power on the GTR is phenominal.
Grab one, try one if you can, be warned to get a goodie will NOT be cheap.
The best car nobody has ever heard of.
 Mazda - Mazda 323 Familia GTR 1992 4WD Import - swiss tony
And hello to you too hetzer!
 Mazda - Mazda 323 Familia GTR 1992 4WD Import - bathtub tom

Interesting sounding set of wheels.

From Wiki: the option of replacing the cupholder with a 3 gauge cluster. models were limited to a top speed of 180kph. However, removing a screw on the back of the instrument cluster, labeled 180kph, meant that the speed limiter was removed.
 Mazda - Mazda 323 Familia GTR 1992 4WD Import - hetzer
Thanks for the welcome.
I'm no boy racer, I'm retired even!
Mine came over from Yokohama in 2008,
one owner from new.
However all modern cars look like jelly moulds to me.
My Famila looks like a car should in my opinion.
Mazda only ever built 2000 of these Familias for Rally Homogolation, 1989-1994.
Some were the tamer GTX version, still quick.
Some were the lightweight GTAe, very, very fast.
A very mild version called the Protege went to the States.
The GTR is the best of all, a beast.
Leather, Air Con, Climate, Electric everything, the business.
It's all on Google.
Had many offers but the only other car I would ever
sell/swap it for is a totally perfect original Escort Mk1 Twin Cam.

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