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 Welcome! Who we are and what we are about - car4play

If this is your first time here, we trust that you find a pleasing reception from the folk already here. If this was a bar maybe they would offer to take your coat and buy you a drink so you don't feel excluded from the friendly discussion.

You may have noted a certain similarity in the forum software here and that on website. This is because on 18th Feb 2010 the HJ (HonestJohn) website was relaunched with a new developer and no longer needed the original software that powered their "Backroom". Khoo Systems Limited (KSL) ( ) were the original developers of that site including the forum software of the Backroom, and this software is the basis of what you see here on Car4play. It is also a module in KSL's iPages website system. ( ).

Car4play is then brought to you by the people at KSL. We never intended to launch this site at this time or with just a forum. However, after seeing the plight of those who had lost their favourite hangout in cyberspace when the HJ Backroom's doors temporarily closed for posting, we decided to launch on 20 Feb 2010 with just a forum. At least you now have a voice.

Now on to the nitty gritty of what is currently here. Well er, it is, just a forum - at least for now.
It is divided up into several areas in a way that we believe keeps things neat and tidy. Apart from "Introduce Yourself", it ranks in order of decreasing motoring importance.

From the top (very motoring) downwards (least motoring) we have:

- Technical - stuff to do with cars and motors;

- Motoring Discussion - general discussion about things related to motoring;

- Cars for Sale - well someone thought they had one to sell and stood a chance here.

- Non-motoring discussion - anything else left apart from ...

- Computer stuff - well this got a category of its own. Why? Because years of experience told us that many of our members like to talk about these things, and when they do, a post never stays on topic but goes from one to another to another in the same post This was good for stopping this stuff cluttering up a motoring forum, but not very useful if you want to see quickly the problem or solution to a computer issue.

There you have it; new topics for things that really are new topics. That way things stay useful and tidy.

You may, however, find a bewildering array of drop down lists when you post for the first time. These are different in Technical to improve the searchability of the posts. There we ask you to enter year of manufacture and engine size in the boxes provided so someone can help you better. In the other forums just do your best to find the dropdowns that suit best. This site is only useful as a reference if the excellent responses to questions can be easily found.

Of course, sometimes things just go wrong; posts end up in the wrong place with the wrong title or the wrong tagging. For this we have a few dedicated users assigned with the task of moderation - our "mods". This gives them priveliges to edit, move, hide or delete posts. (You also can edit your own post, but only before someone has replied to it and within 5 minutes of posting. A note will tell you if it has been edited.)

We currently have four mods on this site (including car4play) and you will recognise them by the little magic wand icon after their alias. That's rather a high mod to user ratio but don't worry, they have been instructed to moderate unruly posts with a light hand; we make the assumption that if you are hanging out here you are a grown up and know how to behave courteously even if someone does not agree always agree with you. After all we want to make moderating an enjoyable task for them too.

If you were previously a member of the Honestjohn website (HJ) you may also recognise some familiar aliases here (no faces - pictures yet!). Either way, make yourself at home; all we ask is that you observe our 'rules' of acting in a respectful and courteous manner. No slanging or fighting here please!

So different rules, a different tone, and above all have some enjoyment and fun.

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