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 Hello. Another newbie! - BB
Hello all,

Thought I'd sign up. I won't talk about that other place...I was a member there for yrs but haven't been on a motoring forum for yrs now. I thought this one was now the place to be!
 Hello. Another newbie! - bathtub tom
Looks like everyone else is still having their afternoon nap - it's a bit like that here - so I'll welcome you.
 Hello. Another newbie! - VxFan
Welcome BB. How did you hear about us?
 Hello. Another newbie! - Lygonos
 Hello. Another newbie! - Ateca chris
 Hello. Another newbie! - swiss tony

Some say this is more like chatting in a pub, than a forum.

So... your round - mines a pint!
 Hello. Another newbie! - BB
Beers all round! Yes, I used to go on the other forum and knew this one was set up. See some of the same names around! I work in the automotive industry so can sometimes help with little probs here and there.
 Hello. Another newbie! - MD
Oh Yeah!! Get me a new van then!! Ah! Gotcha eh! Oh! and I wanna choose the options........

OK. if you can't deliver the goods I'll just say welcome. 'taint too bad here you know. Plenty of Bull, but less Sh...... than t'other place.

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