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 Hi Everyone - JEthan
Hi Everyone,

Myself JEthan from usa and newly join here. I'm looking forward to share and talk about motoring and other things that might interest you!
 Hi Everyone - Duncan
I bid you good day and welcome, Jethan.

Can you understand me adequately?
 Hi Everyone - VxFan
Welcome aboard JEthan.

 Hi Everyone - cparker
 Hi Everyone - Duncan
Welcome aboard, cparker.

I am ok, it's all the others you need to watch out for.
 Hi Everyone - Runfer D'Hills
Welcome, I'm ok too but Duncan's right about the others.

 Hi Everyone - Robin O'Reliant
Hello, I'm one of the good guys on here too, but as Duncan and Runfer said the rest are a bit dodgy.

One tip, if you want to stay on the good side of Runfer don't mention door mirrors. He's fine otherwise.
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