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 Mine's a pint - Boxsterboy
Well, I'm not driving (in the office today). Nice to find a familiar feeling place to hang out now the other place has shut down! Look forward to continuing the discussions with 4players old and new.
 Mine's a pint - R.P.
Welcome nice to see you.
 Mine's a pint - Boxsterboy
Is DP here yet (maybe with a different name)? I used to value his contributions.
 Mine's a pint - VxFan
>> Is DP here yet

Not that I'm aware of. Last correspondence I had from him mentioned that he was busy.
 Mine's a pint - Avant
VxFan - are you Dynamic Dave in the other incarnation? (Vauxhall loyalty the clue). If so, good to se you still moderating!
 Mine's a pint - MD
Nah!!! It can't be DD. He hasn't berated me yet!!! Mind you I have done anything yet to rile him. Early days, early days.

Morning all from sunny Devon. Orf to tile a shower room.

 Mine's a pint - VxFan
>> Mind you I have done anything yet to rile him.

That'll be why then ;o)

To save anyone else asking, yes I was DD on HJ. I say 'was' because I hung up my moderators hat on there after 7 years and 1 day following alterations to the Backroom that were not to my satisfaction and very little communication about the changes until they actually happened.

Out of loyalty maybe I should have sat it out and helped get the Backroom up and running to the high standard that it was before, but it felt like someone had thrown away my favourite pair of slippers and I was unable to break the new pair in.

DD - Ex BR Mod.

VxFan - Current Car4play Mod.
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