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 Room for one more? - Soft Top
Hello there.
I'm a long time lurker who finally decided to take the plunge. Never taken part in any kind of internet forum before so please be gentle OK? I registered here because of the adult behaviour and the open sharing of knowledge and experience. All spiced up with some good humour and wit. Right - that's the creeping out of the way :-)

Spent my student years in "Rattle town" and used to know the roads around there very well - even out as far as the "silence of the cams ranch". Now live in the south but my job means long periods away from home in the UK and Germany. I can't promise to be a frequent poster - connectivity whilst travelling can be hit and miss - but I'll try.

Pet hates? Drunk drivers, middle lane road hogs, drivers who don't indicate, inability to think beyond the end of the bonnet. That'll do for starters...

Oh - I nearly forgot, I drive a BMW (with working indicators!) Can I still come in?

 Room for one more? - Ted

I'm sure you're very welcome ST. There are a few 'soft tops ' already on here....but that refers to mostly above the neck. Strangely, most of them are down Sowf :-)

Shame about the car, but nobody's perfect.
Hope you like it here....we're just one big family really.

 Room for one more? - Soft Top
Thanks for the welcome Ted. I probably should have mentioned that I come originally from "up north"...

As for the car - well - it's a company lease vehicle and it all comes down to BIK and emissions. Last car was a Merc estate - liked that. Hate the BMW indicator stalk action and the position of some of the controls drives me mad. Not the ultimate driving machine...

I know your patch reasonably well having lived in Chorlton-cum-Hardy for 3 years and then Heald Green then somewhere off the A6 near the Davenport theatre. I used to commute into Manchester and get 9mpg on my Daimler 4.2. Happy days.

I can see you all have fun on here and I'm looking forward to joining in,

 Room for one more? - Ted

Just been past the Davenport...except it's not there any more !
Absolute ruddy nightmare, inner lane of the A6 closed due to new kerbs going in.
Loads of traffic trying to get out of town towards Cheshire. Took me longer to get the last mile than the whole journey from home.
Came back through Bramhall.

 Room for one more? - Soft Top
Sounds like very little has changed traffic wise then! No Davenport? I went there to see Chris Boningtoin give a talk after his Everest trip.

Just remembered - it was Bryone Drive where we lived. 4 students with a Daimler 4.2, Jaguar 4.2 Coupe and a Vauxhall VX2300 on the drive. Made quite a racket when we all went off together...(Grants were bigger in those days!)

I remember we got broken into one weekend. It was a rented property and the landlord reckoned we were lucky only to lose a few electrical bits. The year before the house had been stripped bare. I took the hint and moved somewhere safer - Moss Side - just near Maine Road - which has also disappeared. Hmmm is there a pattern here?

Sold the Daimler and bought a Triumph Herald convertible. Never lost the yearning for soft top motoring.
 Room for one more? - VxFan
Welcome aboard Soft Top.
 Room for one more? - Ted

Could that be Bryan Road ? have a look on Streetview, you might see your old house.

I had a Herald 12/50 ragtop. Powder blue with white hood and tonneau. It was a '63, YBA 60. One previous owner, Anne Reid...the Corrie actress. Nice little car.
Then 2 Super Minx Convertibles.

 Room for one more? - Soft Top
The Triumph convertible sounds nice Ted. Great little cars and lots of fun. Mine was brown with a black roof - PAR 524H. A friend's father had a saloon that he claimed was used for the 1960's adverts that showed two Heralds, one going further than the other on Shell petrol. His was a blue and white one. It did have two petrol tanks...

My landlady at uni claimed to have been a good friend of Anne Reid. That was Cundiff Road in Chorlton. The Stockport address was 13 Bryone Drive. I'd post a link but haven't got the hang of that yet.

My uncle had a Super Minx. It was stolen 8 times - twice from his own path. He once recovered the car by riding on a motorbike around Queens Drive in Liverpool and dropping the bike in front of his stolen car. Silly boy inside tried to lock himself in. No good - the locks didn't work. My uncle - ex VIIIth army and fairly handy - had a robust discussion with the poor chap. No further action required...

This is rather like standing in the kitchen at a party. Hope no-one minds!
 Room for one more? - car4play
A warm welcome to you Soft Top!
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