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 Changed me name. - Ted1

Right, Iffy's inspired me.
I've been having trouble accessing the email account I use for this forum.
As my cams are no longer silent...the old Jowett's rattling away nicely, I've set up a new account and changed me name to........well.....Ted.

Imagination ?....I've got it in spades !

 Changed me name. - Webmaster
Why didn't you just email me (or one of the mods) to change the email account assigned to your other username?

You could have changed your username at the same time.

I take it you no longer want to use your old username, or do you want me to manually make the changes to both the email address and username, and delete this account?
 Changed me name. - Ted1

'Cos I didn't know I could do that being a computer numptie.
I had been trying to access my other email address but every time I put my password in I just got re-directed to my main one.
So, I've deleted TSG@ntl from my accounts.
I would like to keep the new email and username and delete SOTC please.

Apologies if I've done it wrong.

 Changed me name. - Webmaster
Hi, I've changed your SOTC username to Ted and assigned the virgin email address to it.

All previous posts/threads created by your SOTC username have automatically changed to Ted.

I don't have access to your password as it's hashed for security reasons. If you used a different password for your original account to the one you created on Monday night, remember to use the original password. If you're unable to login then you can reset it using the following link -

Hopefully that's what you wanted?

Any problems then drop me an email - webmaster @
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 Changed me name. - MD
So a name change take you backwards as in membership then i.e. Ted1 0 weeks!
 Changed me name. - Webmaster
So that I could change the username SOTC to Ted, I first had to change the new Ted username that was created to Ted1.

All of SOTC's posts/threads are now showing as being written by Ted, and the Ted1 account has been disabled as it's no longer required.
 Changed me name. - Badwolf
My brain hurts...
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