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 Is anyone here? - ilikecars
Just checking.
 Is anyone here? - SLK500
Yes I am! Just looking though to begin with.
 Is anyone here? - ilikecars
Good. Thought I was alone.
 Is anyone here? - captain grimes
Hi, can you shine that torch over here? Something spookily familiar about this place...
 Is anyone here? - SLK500
Yeah, I was just thinking the same.
 Is anyone here? - ricardo
Yep, ready and waiting to kick of the new forum to discuss all things cars!
 Is anyone here? - Fenlander
I wonder if someone should start the new tyres to the front or interim oil change threads to kick off!

Seriously though I'm not sure how this forum will get going as a stand alone with no associated motoring website. However if things grow it would be good to have a forum where there is no *leader* with an axe to grind in areas both commercial and political.
 Is anyone here? - Webmaster
>> Seriously though I'm not sure how this forum will get going as a stand alone
>> with no associated motoring website.

Very good to have you here. You are of course correct on this, but this is just a start and something to play with where people can, at least within the bounds of what we (and the mods) consider reasonable, express themselves freely.
There will be more sections added as time goes on. Without giving too much away it will hopefully be an exciting time for all - so if you can put up with just a forum for now that would be great.
 Is anyone here? - Pat
I'm here and as a small protest! I am using my old username.
I'm so pleased to find an alternative at the moment to the backroom.
It was becoming very oppressive and also very much a clique that it was easy to feel excluded from.
In the fiasco that has been called a changeove, words simply fail me.

 Is anyone here? - Old Navy
Thought I would pop in to see else had arrived, I expect there will be more in due course.
 Is anyone here? - Aaron C. Rescue
Pat- what makes you say that the Forum had got cliquish? I hadn't really noticed.
 Is anyone here? - Pat
Mainly the 'troll' thing.
It may well be that the newcomers were trolls, but IMHO they were hounded as such as soon as they posted the first few posts by the same small group of people
It was almost as though they were marked as a newcomer and never given a chance to alter the way they posted, just made to feel unwelcome.
Speaking honestly now, I have one or two friends who are lorry drivers, but are also car enthusiasts too, and are capable of great debates ( and can spell!) but I'm hesitant to make them aware of this or the BR, because I know how they would feel if that happened.

I'm sure it won't happen here!


 Is anyone here? - Aaron C. Rescue
Yeah, I did see that actually. I see one or two of them are here now, lets hope they are a bit more welcoming.
 Is anyone here? - LINGsCARS
Hi, this is Ling. Just saying hi after that mental week fending off very spiteful emails from ssssssh... you know who.

He reads all the moderators emails, and jumped into a private email conversation I was having with a (friendly) mod, and started threatening legals on me (and maybe the mod?) for discussing his turnover etc... all public info... when I (privately) expressed astonishment that mods were unpaid working for a profitable business. It set off a nuclear reaction! So, I thought I had better stay low-profile for a week.

I will not send floods of customers here, but might be an idea to let people know this forum exists on my website (I have just 120k uniques a month, unlike the 1 million+ you know who has). Nice to see a forum with absolutely no motive or vested interest!

Anyway, I don't want to turn this to a personal attack thread, I just called to say helllloooo as interesting to see this perfectly good software being put to good use :)

Certainly will not promote any offers or rubbish like that here.

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 Is anyone here? - car4play
Hi Ling. Just to say good to have you here.

We too believe that those who work deserve some wages. It says that somewhere doesn't it? So when the mods here get busy they will be rewarded.

The community is what will make this site what it will be. Our intention is to try to encourage respect and courteousness. Everyone is entitled to their views, but personal insults or even nasty tones just make life miserable for everyone. You wouldn't want to sit in a pub with a fight going on in the corner, or where everyone is sitting around looking glum, or where when someone new comes in through the door and people groan.

It would be nice to be known on your website. I did take a look. Wow! What else can I say.
The only thing is how would they find us... (that was a joke by the way.) Although I did like the "click to make me get down", and then "click to make me get back up again". Can I admit to doing that a few times?

Maybe at some stage there will be a space here for useful promotions and we are keen to engender good working relationships.
 Is anyone here? - car4play
>>He reads all the moderators emails

Just for the record one of the mods from there reminded me that this was not the case. I don't know any other details and it is probably worth just leaving this one be rather than causing an unnecessary stir.
No nuclear reactions here please!
 Is anyone here? - FotheringtonTomas
Helo clouds, hello sky, hello enquiring minds....
 Is anyone here? - rtj70
Hello ling and hello FT :-) And hello car4play. Interesting development.

How will 'others' find out I wonder.
Last edited by: webmaster on Mon 22 Feb 10 at 16:01
 Is anyone here? - FotheringtonTomas
It is an interesting development on several levels. It brings to mind many questions probably best left unanswered.

Bother. I'm still curious, though.
 Is anyone here? - Chris White
Well this is interesting. I read often and post very occasionally on a website that used to look very similar to this.
 Is anyone here? - R.P.
I'm ex-HJ as well.
 Is anyone here? - VxFan
>> I'm ex-HJ as well.

And me.
 Is anyone here? - captain grimes

>> How will 'others' find out I wonder.

Hm, I note that in "the other place" (as they say in the House of Lords) the Site Software thread has been deleted, with its mention of the Stephen Khoo site...
 Is anyone here? - rtj70
I am sure more will eventually turn up.
 Is anyone here? - R.P.
 Is anyone here? - RattleandSmoke
This could end up being quite sucessful. I used to be a member of a HIFI magazine's forum and about 8 years ago some of the members began to get very annoyed with the way the place was moderated so they started their own forum. That forum is now much bigger than the HIFI magazines.

I have been busy creating a website for the a client but I might just sign it off tonight and let the client do all the testing after all its not my job to make sure the product works properly before handing it over.

Keep up the good work it is nice to know that Stephen's forum software is not wasted.
 Is anyone here? - Fenlander
Ahh good old hi-fi wigwam??
 Is anyone here? - rtj70
RattleandSmoke plus HiFi = Rattle I guess ;-) Welcome all the same. There's room for more I think.
 Is anyone here? - Focusless
Good to see some familiar names. Hope it works out.
 Is anyone here? - -
Blasted sat nav the spawn of the devil...might have to change me tune over that as i seem to have got lost and found meself washed up on the car4play beach...

the 4play bit had me worried for a minute cos SWMBO is within striking distance, but i recognised some familiar eccentrics lurking and decided if this is deviant enough for them it's good enough for me.

Good luck to the instigators, promise not to bore you all wit....nah can't promise that..;)
 Is anyone here? - rtj70
>> Blasted sat nav

Wrong thread. Ooops we've not locked it down like that yet have they :-)
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 Is anyone here? - Zero
I bet know one knows who I am.....

the handle is a clue
 Is anyone here? - rtj70
AE? Or maybe Cheddar? There's a clue about a Clio that I cannot work out.
Last edited by: welshy on Mon 22 Feb 10 at 20:49
 Is anyone here? - Focusless
>> AE? Or maybe Cheddar? There's a clue about a Clio that I cannot work out.

Well the AE in another dimension used the Zero clue when asking us to guess his new motor...
 Is anyone here? - Old Navy
Too difficult, my brain hurts.
 Is anyone here? - Aaron C. Rescue
Its AE. Hello AE! Remember he bought himself a Lancer....Mitsi Zero, you see? And I see Rattle...Old al.

I've changed my handle- don't like being tracked- hope no-one minds? Doubt anyone will know who I am but I was a less-frequent contributor anyway so there you go.

Interesting development this. There was zilch wrong with the old forum software or its functionality I felt. What was the story behind Stephen K losing the contract, can anyone tell me?

Last edited by: Aaron C. Rescue on Mon 22 Feb 10 at 20:57
 Is anyone here? - Zero
lets sea

Aeron C recue?

Gotta be something to do with helicopters
 Is anyone here? - Aaron C. Rescue
Nah, just a private joke Zero.

No link whatsoever with previous handlery.

 Is anyone here? - RattleandSmoke
I don't know but as far as I understand it HJ site moved to a Microsoft platform instead of a Linux/PHP one it was based on before. The reasons for this I am quite interested in as I did a lot of this in my final year at university many years ago. The .NET technology was very new at the time.

The reason Stephen lost his contract was because he is not a Microsoft person so he would not have been the best person for the job.

In laymans terms the new website uses a different programming language to the old one.

The front end is a bit of a rip off though.
Last edited by: RattleandSmoke on Mon 22 Feb 10 at 21:07
 Is anyone here? - Aaron C. Rescue
Ah right, ditched LAMP and went for .NET. Fair enough I suppose. Nothing wrong with FOSS IMHO but there you go.

Didn't do too much testing though did they...

 Is anyone here? - -
Can you lot do subtitles for me please, i haven't the foggiest idea what you're talking about..;)
 Is anyone here? - BobbyG
GB, they tried to put a DVD into a Betamax without putting a 2-bob bit on the needle to stop the record from jumping?
 Is anyone here? - Old Navy
>> Can you lot do subtitles for me please i haven't the foggiest idea what you're
>> talking about..;)
Snap! It must be a geek thing. :)
 Is anyone here? - RattleandSmoke
It why I was being quite sarcastic on my first thread. The main reason I didn't go into the development business was because I was too scared of rolling out projects full of bugs and not being able to deliver on time. I still do the odd websites using LAMP as its cheaper but I have now forgotton most of the serverside stuff but it amazing how quickly you can learn again.

There is an argument which states the .NET platform is more secure and that could have been one of the reasons for the switch.
 Is anyone here? - bathtub tom
I've joined.

Interesting invitation!
 Is anyone here? - rtj70
What invite. We've all just found this site surely. It's not on Google yet even. Tomorrow it might. I see Ling might put a link to it on her site. But who would find it on there. Sorry Ling :-)
 Is anyone here? - Ted
Looks like lots of the old friends are swarming across..
Nice to get back on a sensibly operated forum.

A Mystery Mann.
 Is anyone here? - RattleandSmoke
Yeah I was just typing in a few random names into google to see what came up, most of it I got more than I bargained for but then I found this place.
 Is anyone here? - rtj70
That's the spirit R+S. You found it on Google like the rest of us. It might even be on there tomorrow.

Edit: This has cheered me up after the weekend I can tell you. Idle, unimportant banter. Missing from the other site for a bit I think. And you can quote the Times if you want too!
Last edited by: welshy on Mon 22 Feb 10 at 22:13
 Is anyone here? - RattleandSmoke
I meant to say the address bar :).
 Is anyone here? - bathtub tom
I wonder what's the motivation for whoever's running this?

I'm not complaining, but will we be seeing adverts?

Are we maintaining 'old' traditions {?}.
 Is anyone here? - Dave_

I like some of the, ahem, adaptations to usernames!

>> I wonder what's the motivation for whoever's running this?

While it's fairly diminutive and not using huge chunks of server, altruism? The BR was (largely) a welcoming community for its regulars, if we were supposed to treat it as our local pub then is C4P akin to some hastily positioned Portacabins in the car park next to the BR scaffolding? With plastic chairs and tables and a temporary bar hooked up to some barrels outside the back door... ;-)
Last edited by: Breadline on Mon 22 Feb 10 at 22:59
 Is anyone here? - Pat
It has a smoking shelter with ashtrays and a patio heater:)

 Is anyone here? - Fenlander
The motivation is here...
 Is anyone here? - RattleandSmoke
I have a feeling there is a bit of I told you so going on ;).

Rather the new developers than me if they are trying to get full functionality out of a datagrid!
 Is anyone here? - R.P.
Glad to see you made it Focus !

HD - Mod.
 Is anyone here? - Iffy
A mod who drives a Honda, and another who seems to be a Vauxhall fan.

I've only just arrived and I'm starting to feel right at home.

I hope this community is sustainable.

Presumably, the more of us that use it, the better the chances of its survival.

Looks like we/they have the software and a mod or two who knows what they're doing, which is a good start.

 Is anyone here? - rtj70
Can we not speculate on the mods openly please. You might know why.
 Is anyone here? - Netsur
I am!

Nice to be back home in a nice forum.
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 Is anyone here? - tyro
I've now arrived as well.

Actually, I popped in yesterday having followed a link from TOP, and found it pretty empty, and thought that it would come to nothing, and that TOP would be back to normal in no time at all.

Came back today, and found this place buzzing, so I registered and bookmarked.

I've changed my handle for the fun of it. I suppose that I'll change back when I'm rumbled - if I can figure out how to!
 Is anyone here? - Runfer D'Hills
Oops - seems I get to be the first to have a post deleted........ Hangs head in abject indifference.....

 Is anyone here? - Pat
You are always a rebel :)

 Is anyone here? - FotheringtonTomas
There seems to be a very high moderator/normal ratio - hopefully an indication of expectations.
 Is anyone here? - RattleandSmoke
It is because the people who set it up are all moderators for obvious reasons. As more people find out about the site the ratio will go down.

 Is anyone here? - R.P.
No need to speculate - Hopefully the site will get busier.....The BR used to hit between 225 and 400 postings a day and it was difficult to manage at times. Watch this space.
 Is anyone here? - Focusless
>> The BR used to hit
>> between 225 and 400 postings a day and it was difficult to manage at times.

This one's up to >260 already today...

BTW from the HJ update: "The site was no longer able to keep up with demand and without this rebuild would have soon fallen over." Is that the 'difficult to manage' you mention?
 Is anyone here? - R.P.
 Is anyone here? - Focusless
>> No.

But you think this site will manage to stay upright for a bit longer? :-)
Last edited by: Focus on Tue 23 Feb 10 at 17:03
 Is anyone here? - RattleandSmoke
I think difficult to manage means the shear volume of posts which had to be moderated. When I used to be a moderator on another site even with 10 of us online at peak times during the day it could be a nightmare.

The message is probably means the old one wasn't that efficient it only takes a certain number of SQL requests to a database like MySQL and the entire site can come down. That said the site I used to be moderate was far far far busier than HJ and managed fine with the LAMP configuration but used VBulliten.
 Is anyone here? - Dave_
 Is anyone here? - rtj70
We'll wait and see how this one copes then...
 Is anyone here? - Arctophile
Another refugee here. With a new name...

 Is anyone here? - Netsur
 Is anyone here? - FotheringtonTomas
>> it only takes a certain number of SQL requests to a database like MySQL and the
>> entire site can come down.

It shouldn't.
 Is anyone here? - car4play
>> BTW from the HJ update: "The site was no longer able to keep up with
>> demand and without this rebuild would have soon fallen over."

Really? That's news.
Maybe they just got the logic and verb tenses muddled up.
 Is anyone here? - Statistical Outlier
Glad to be here.

In another (virtual) life I decided on a handle that was a little more anonymous a few weeks ago, and I can't see any reason to change it here. Nice to see some familiar names (or at least familiar profiles) on here.

 Is anyone here? - NortonES2
Wondered if there would ever be a replacement for the Back Room! Glad to see the old typefaces:) Found out from a cycling site PM.
 Is anyone here? - zookeeper
hi folks, i got an invite by email otherwise i wouldnt be here....i feel like a titanic surviver looking around the lifeboat to see who made it
 Is anyone here? - Ian (Cape Town)
Thanks for the invite - especially as the HJ site was, somehow, blocked at our works' nanny server.
 Is anyone here? - Biggles
Hi boys and girls.

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