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 No new friends for a month - Iffy
Couldn't help noticing it's been a calender month since there was a post to the welcome forum.

And the last one was from some dodge pot who was after free advertising.

I don't think we should read too much into the gap - there's still a decent number of posts to the other forums each day.

But I'm sure if one or two new members feel like making themselves known in this forum, it will make the mods and the management very happy.

And because we are such a nice, friendly bunch, it will make the rest of us happy, too.

 No new friends for a month - Bellboy
just dont mention jumping off broken down trains of course ,new members,
 No new friends for a month - MD
At least this one runs to time.
 No new friends for a month - Webmaster
Looking in admin we've had 12 people register an account in the last month.

3 of which were spammers, 3 have posted something, and 2 who haven't validated their accounts. I'm guessing the other 4 are just lurkers?
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