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 About time too ... - hawkeye
Hello everyone. Happy new forum to you all.

Don't pretend you're pleased to see me, just get the beers in. A chap could die of thirst around here ...
 About time too ... - Bellboy
ive got a can of carling lurking in the fridge if you are desperate?.dan ;-)
 About time too ... - matt a
 About time too ... - Runfer D'Hills
For some inexplicable reason every time I click on this ( Introduce yourself ) sub section I find myself involuntarily whistling the theme to the "Great Escape". Quite annoying really. ( the tune thing that is )
 About time too ... - Fenlander
Thank goodness H.... another Citroen owner at last.
 About time too ... - tyro
"Thank goodness H.... another Citroen owner at last."

What do you mean, at last? A few of us have been here for some time.
 About time too ... - Dog
>>>just get the beers in<<<

I'll have half.
 About time too ... - MD
Top half only, P!!
 About time too ... - Dog
>>> Top half only, P!! <<<

I quite like the bottom half as well occasionally M ;-)
 About time too ... - Bellboy
wife and i shared a bottle of wine the other night,trouble was i had to drink her half to get to mine
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