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 Ford Focus III - Hallo.:) - Dutchie
Like to introduce myself as Dutchie.

I drive a Ford Focus 1.6 Titanium TDCI.I was born in the Netherlands and wondered across here a long time ago.Still here and happy in the UK.Married a yorkshire lass and together for 43 years.Greetings.
 Ford Focus III - Hallo.:) - FocalPoint
Welcome to The Dark Side.

You know what I mean. :-))
 Ford Focus III - Hallo.:) - Pat
Hello Dutchie, good to see you here:)

 Ford Focus III - Hallo.:) - Dutchie
Thanks Pat and Chris.

Just back from shopping there is only one master in our house and it aint me:)
 Ford Focus III - Hallo.:) - Clk Sec
>>there is only one master in our house and it aint me:)

That makes two of us! Welcome, Dutchie.
 Ford Focus III - Hallo.:) - Stuu
I knew all that arguing at the other place would lead atleast one person here, which was my only intention :-) job done.
 Ford Focus III - Hallo.:) - VxFan
Welcome Dutchie.

I take it you know that the new boy has to wash, polish and hoover out the moderators cars?
 Ford Focus III - Hallo.:) - Dutchie
No problem story of my live I hoover ,don't do ironing I can't fold clothes.

The missus is the tidy one if it was't for here I would have sank years ago.:)

Hope she won't read this (creeping) me.
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