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 Sorry I am late - Mark
..... But I think I must have been one of the last bods out of the tunnel

Then they were checking passes at the railway station and I ended up coming here by motorbike.

What a relief to have jumped the fence to freedom, good to see you all again.

Question is should I tell "Uncle" I have made a "home run"?

Joking aside good to be here; I am sorry that those under 40 are not likely to make much sense of the above

As always

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 Sorry I am late - Runfer D'Hills
Doo doo.....Di doo di doo doo.....doo doo di doo di doo di doo doo......

Did you bring your baseball ?

 Sorry I am late - Mark
Not a spell in the cooler already :>(

As always

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 Sorry I am late - Stuu
Wilkommen !
 Sorry I am late - rtj70
I am 40 later this year so in your catchment group. Pass the baseball back please when you're out of the cooler.

I didn't think the character played by Steve Mcqueen got over the fence so you did well to do so. Welcome :-)
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 Sorry I am late - Zero
Orders vill be Obeyed Ja?

(only on the other side)
 Sorry I am late - Mark
Thanks Guys

feeling at home already

As always

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