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 Meow! Kitten here =^..^= - kitten
Hey, Im Leanne, aka Kitten. Ive been a bit disillusioned by model specific motoring forums so thought Id come and have a look round here... Am looking forward to some good hearty motoring debate :)
 Meow! Kitten here =^..^= - Dog
Hi Kitten ... I'm Dog and may I take this op-purr-tunity to say Welcome!
 Meow! Kitten here =^..^= - Runfer D'Hills
I say!... ding dong!


Just hope you're not really called Leonard?

 Meow! Kitten here =^..^= - Iffy
...Am looking forward to some good hearty motoring debate :)...

If you find any, be sure to let us know where it is.

 Meow! Kitten here =^..^= - VxFan
>> Hey, Im Leanne, aka Kitten.

Your profile says "I drive a purty silver Pug 206 XSi"

Is the 2nd car a Moggy? (Morris Minor, if you're too young to remember)

Welcome, btw.
 Meow! Kitten here =^..^= - Ted

Like your style, Kitty.

I was a mew sed by your profile !


 Meow! Kitten here =^..^= - swiss tony
Strange shes not been back....
 Meow! Kitten here =^..^= - Zero
Of course she hasn't been back, someone has stolen her
 Meow! Kitten here =^..^= - bathtub tom
Perhaps she thought she wasn't on the same wavelength as all us old fuddy-duddies. Who else has the sort of gear listed in her profile?

"full sports kit, custom sports exhaust, induction kit"
 Meow! Kitten here =^..^= - Zero
I think it was just Pats pussy having a laugh.

You know, I now have this vision of Pat as a kind of Mrs Slocombe lorry driver?
 Meow! Kitten here =^..^= - Pat
I think you'd make a very good Mr Humphreys, Zero:)

Are you free?

 Meow! Kitten here =^..^= - Zero
More of a Captain Peacock I would hope.
 Meow! Kitten here =^..^= - MD
Pea cock!
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