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 Lawn Strimmer Recommendations - Clk Sec
Something I've never owned before, but we moved a while back to a house with a larger garden.

Main preferences would be that it is not too heavy and, as I'm tall, to be height adjustable.

I swore that I wouldn't consider a battery powered appliance ever again after our brief ownership of a Dyson vacuum cleaner, but any alternative might be worth a look - although either battery or mains recommendations would be much appreciated.

 Lawn Strimmer Recommendations - CGNorwich
If you only want it for light work like trimming grass edges go for the rechargeable. So much easier to use without all that trailing cable.
 Lawn Strimmer Recommendations - Dog
I have a Black & Decker rechargeable strimmer and it works quite well on my 1 acre of land.

I also have a Black & Decker garden vac which is carp but fortunately I also have a 2000w Spear & Jackson jobbie + a petrol leaf blow/vac.

I have a lot of rechargeable 'stuff' when I come to think about, and it all works well.
 Lawn Strimmer Recommendations - devonite
I would recommend a Stihl petrol jobbie , - every time! light, never broken down, easy line changing (it;s now fitted with a rigid 2-blade cutter instead of line, far better!) an it must be best end of 20 years old!
 Lawn Strimmer Recommendations - CGNorwich
If you have a lot of rough vegetation that needs cutting regularly then I agree a petrol model is what you need. If you are talking light use in a garden then an electric model will fit the bill. Petrol models are also heavy and noisy, rather antisocial if you have close neighbours.
 Lawn Strimmer Recommendations - Falkirk Bairn
Heavy/long grass in a big garden = petrol

I have a smallish garden 0.15 acre plot and use an electric strimmer - Flymo Contour 500 my one is 3/4 years old. It has the advantage of the TILT mechanism for trimming edges around flower beds, straight edges along paving etc.

Lead is not that long so I have an extension lead to reach the edge of the front garden/ roadside (6 car lengths) and the back corners.
 Lawn Strimmer Recommendations - henry k
i have a Bosch Combitrim , the 26cm version and am very pleaded with it.

It has a tilt head ( never used it) and is height adjustable.
To feed more line out you just tap the head on the ground.
In adition to the usual reel it has another head with twin fixed length thicker line
A small pair of wheels can be bought that attach to the shaft,
Now I look it seems to be an out of date model but similar are still on sale.

One for sale on ebay £45 plu p&p
 Lawn Strimmer Recommendations - Clk Sec
I've just ordered one similar to Henry's. It's a Bosch ART25 at £64.99 from Curry's.

Thanks Henry, and others, for your recommendations.
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 Lawn Strimmer Recommendations - Bromptonaut
>> I've just ordered one similar to Henry's. It's a Bosch ART25 at £64.99 from Curry's.

Mine is a similar model. Bit heavy compared to the previous Flymo but solidly built and does a neat job of lawn edging. The Flymo was OK when new but hopeless for jamming its line as it aged.
 Lawn Strimmer Recommendations - Clk Sec
>> Mine is a similar model. Bit heavy compared to the previous Flymo but solidly built<<

Just checked and it weighs in at 2.6kg. And it's the ART 24 model, not the 25 as I mentioned above.

 Lawn Strimmer Recommendations - Clk Sec
Belated update.

No idea why, but Currys cancelled my order and issued a credit, despite my having to wait until they informed that it was back in stock.

Anyway, I now have a nice little Webb strimmer from Dobbies. it's not battery powered, but does have the advantage of being height adjustable.

£39.99 delivered, and it works well. I should have bought one years ago!
 Lawn Strimmer Recommendations - slowdown avenue
ive a black and decker strimmer ,in my shed that i bought with green shield stamps !
the secret is to never lend it.
 Lawn Strimmer Recommendations - VxFan
My cordless B&D strimmer has to be approx. 20 years old. Fortunately it uses a standard 12v lead acid battery and not some custom jobbie, so when it comes to renewing it, its easy to find a replacement. Other than a 3 or 4 batteries, the only other consumable is the strimmer twine which costs something like a £1 for a 15 or 20 metre reel of the stuff from Wilco.
 Lawn Strimmer Recommendations - John Boy
I've got a mains powered B&D strimmer which I bought in 1992. I hate the things, they make such a mangled mess of whatever you cut, so I only use it when I'm forced. I've only just had to replace the original reel. I let part of my lawn grow to knee length before I cut it at the end of the summer. Cutting that in thin strips with a rotary mower at the highest setting does a much better job than a strimmer.
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