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 Hiding TV cables - Bobby
Daughter is looking to get someone in to wall mount TV and hide the cables etc.

I realise that it makes sense to have power sockets and probably conventional aerial socket installed behind the TV. But how do you future proof for technology? She has a Virgin box which will probably sit on a unit on floor level. Do you surface mount HDMI sockets behind TV as well or just run a couple of cables up inside wall and leave behind TV?

What do folk do who do not have a unit underneath and the “box” is tucked away in corner of room? Is a cable ran up, along inside ceiling and back down?
 Hiding TV cables - Clk Sec
Stud wall.
 Hiding TV cables - maltrap
Had a similair problem recently, ended up buying D-Line Mini Decorative trunking from Screwfix' it's paintable so easy to blend in. About a fiver.
 Hiding TV cables - smokie
Futureproof is probably WiFi, there's already many ways of getting your TV "over the air" so I'd def go for a power socket with USB ports to drive a device or two.
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