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 Frying pans - Crankcase
I have a couple of frying pans that have seen better days. The nonstick isn't doing much of a job.

I'm not much of a cook really, but thought I'd just get on to Amazon and pick up something reasonably inexpensive.

I made the mistake of googling first, and of course have now discovered the horrors of Tefal nonstick flaking off, getting into your food and killing you, aluminium getting into your food and killing you, copper getting into your food and killing you, ceramic coatings peeling off after a few months and the underlying metal getting into your food and killing you...

You get the point. The existing pans are cheapy Tefal things, and indeed I notice the coating has flaked, so I expect I've already eaten enough to kill me in short order anyway.

I have no idea what to buy. Anodized this, copper core that, ceramic coating, stainless steel, "granite" coating...etc etc.

What should I be buying, given a budget of not more than about fifty quid absolute tops (each, if I must)? Not an induction hob, just electric.

Are they all really fine, get anything, just change them every couple of years and be done with it?

Even a pointer to a good name/range would be helpful.

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 Frying pans - Robin O'Reliant
I bought one in the Original Factory Shop last year and Mrs O'Reliant was pleased enough with it's non-stickability that she bought another one a few weeks ago.

All I can tell you is they are the grey ones and they cost less than twenty quid each. We ain't dead yet either, so they seem safe enough.
 Frying pans - legacylad
Funny you should say that. I bought one at Aldi. Perfect for blueberry pancakes, frying a steak, eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes. I did buy a more xpensive one from Asda, 24cm ‘’Scoville’. Kept the packaging as it has a lifetime guaranteed. Cost me £15 though!

Lass I know is a very keen cook/chef. She would have a thromby if I suggested she ever use a non stick. How the heck do you make bb pancakes without non stick unless you use a griddle?

I’ve just seen your budget of £50. That’s a lot of dead cow & chips.
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 Frying pans - Dog
I prefer stone. Tried copper but didn't like it.

Stone pan on Amazon:
 Frying pans - Robin O'Reliant
Just checked one of the pans I got from the Factory Shop - Salter, so a decent brand.
 Frying pans - Duncan
>> I prefer stone. Tried copper but didn't like it.
>> Stone pan on Amazon:

For £36 I would want Michelangelo to sign each one!
 Frying pans - Dog
>>For £36 I would want Michelangelo to sign each one!

Howls about a genuine Kuhn Rikon for a mere 28 notes then:
 Frying pans - legacylad
>> I prefer stone.
I thought it was a Flintstones joke. You live & learn.
 Frying pans - Dog
I bought a cast iron frying pan a few years back ... it went rusty!
 Frying pans - CGNorwich
You get what you pay for but Around £40 will get you a good one. Your frying pan won’t kill you but a lot of fry ups might:-)
 Frying pans - Crankcase
Thanks all. Some ideas there to explore.
 Frying pans - martin aston
We have a stainless steel one that doesn’t stick as long as you are sensible. You can also “season” metal frying pans using oil and salt. Google will offer details. This does work, but not like the magic of a new coated pan.
 Frying pans - devonite
I suggest you get one with a metal/removable handle! some recipes need you bang them in the oven/ under grill, to finish them off! - don't forget the oven gloves tho! ;-)
 Frying pans - Terry
Traditional is best.

Buy cast iron. No fancy coatings to flake off. If it gets rusty - a bit of wet and dry and it's sorted.

Drawbacks - weight, if put very hot into a sink full of cold water can explode due to thermal shock.
 Frying pans - Dog
>> don't forget the oven gloves

And the pinny.


 Frying pans - The Melting Snowman
We have settled on good quality stainless steel. We have a really solid UK-made one that we got from a catering supplier, more durable than many domestic versions.

We haven't used non-stick for years as we became concerned where the non-stick eventually ends up.

Also we tried ceramic but after six months that lost its non-stick qualities which also makes you wonder where it ended up. We watched the TV shopping channels and were impressed by the demos but based on our example which was bought on the High St. I would say they are a waste of money.
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