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 Casement (Wooden) Window Lock Removal - zippy
More DIY advice sought from the knowledgeable guys here please:

I have a wooden casement window. Its got a handle that looks like this:

Save for the key mechanism which is much simpler - just a hole.

The mechanism is broken and the very simple key wont fit.

Any ideas on how to remove it? I can only access the screw above the handle and the side of the latch.

 Casement (Wooden) Window Lock Removal - zippy
This is a better example:

As mentioned above, the actual lock is still much simpler though.
 Casement (Wooden) Window Lock Removal - No FM2R
Cut downwards through the handle in between the spindle and the lock.
 Casement (Wooden) Window Lock Removal - zippy

Will look for the hacksaw in the morning!
 Casement (Wooden) Window Lock Removal - Zero
Pad saw, you wont get the frame of a hacksaw in there
 Casement (Wooden) Window Lock Removal - bathtub tom
Have you seen this?
 Casement (Wooden) Window Lock Removal - maltrap
The video looks a buch better option, non destructive.
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