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 Valuing old jewellery - smokie
I decided that I don't need my grandfather's old pocket watch which has been stuffed in the back of a drawer for many many years. It is, I think, American and on the back says 14K assay so presumably gold. It doesn't work but is in quite nice nick.

So I had a root round to try to value it. Other watches are going for anything between £20 and £hundreds so I though do an auction on eBay starting at £25.

Within about 15 mins of submitting it I've had an offer of £50, subsequently upped to £75, both of which I've declined. He mentions it's "on a nice chain".

Without going to a lot of cost and faff is there some other method where I find what it ought to be selling for, as I don't want to let it go too cheap?

It's a Elgin Natl. Watch Co. and looks identical to this one except it has a chain.
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 Valuing old jewellry - Kevin
Usually scrap value of the gold content.
 Valuing old jewellry - zippy
>> Usually scrap value of the gold content.

What happened to all those adverts we used to see re buying your unwanted gold?

Did the bottom drop out of the market or supplies dry up?
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 Valuing old jewellry - Terry
14K gold scrap is currently ~$34 per gram. About 28 grams to the ounce.

Unless you need the cash urgently I would wait until post covid and go to a couple of decent local jewellers (not the chains) some of whom will also sell s/h jewellery. They will (a) know what they are looking at, and (b) provide a reasonable valuation.

If you don't know what you have, you may well end up selling for a pittance something worth £100s or maybe low £1000s.
 Valuing old jewellry - helicopter
Contact a couple of your local auction houses and they will give you a good idea of the value.You could then decide whether to sell with them, you can put a reserve price on if you do not want it to go cheaply although you will have to pay commission of around 15 to 20% plus VAT.

Jewellers will generally have to put 2/300% on top of what they pay you to cover overheads so you are unlikely to get a good price for the
watch or the gold

If you have a gold chain and you want the best price go to a bullion dealer , this is what the jewellers do.

I went all around Brighton lanes getting valuations on some gold jewellry left to my late wife by my sister. 4 Jewellers valued it at £600 to £ 700, one who was not interested in buying pointed me to the locsl bullion dealers whom it was sold for £948.
 Valuing old jewellry - Zero
Is the chain gold? whats the weight.
 Valuing old jewellry - legacylad
You thinking of becoming ‘medallion man’ ? Whilst you’re at it get a matching gold chain for your newest mutt.
 Valuing old jewellry - Fullchat
Ive just had this horrible vision. '"Now then, now then"
 Valuing old jewellry - smokie
Dunno if the chain is gold, it's gold coloured though and it's 12g.

I just added a couple of pics to the ad, the last one shows it.

I did deal with the local auction house some years back and it went OK but I was disappointed with the return. However it's a bit more difficult while we're in lockdown. I suppose I could withdraw the ad if I thought it were really worth much and do it later in the year.

I think our last proper little jewellers closed down some months back but there may be another - again, a bit hampered by lockdown.
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 Valuing old jewellry - Zero
>> Dunno if the chain is gold, it's gold coloured though and it's 12g.
>> I just added a couple of pics to the ad, the last one shows it.

The good thing there is there is no inscription or initials in the Cartouche
 Valuing old jewellry - No FM2R
Can you find a serial number anywhere inside?
 Valuing old jewellry - No FM2R
And is it newer than 1968?
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 Valuing old jewellry - smokie
Having rooted around those links I've taken it off eBay for now - easy as I had no bids.

I really don't think it's worth a fortune but I didn't realise that the case and innards were bought separately back in those days then taken to a jeweller for assembly. It is still in it's original box, from J W Benson @ Ludgate Hill.

I found a serial which indicates the movement was made in 1892 which would sort of fit.

The case is American and I found a very similar one in an old catalogue on a US watch forum, which would have cost $44.50 new. 14K gold. Middle row, third from left (No. 7070)

So on the strength of that I will take it along to the auction house (or a jeweller) after lockdown.

I suppose if the chain and watch are scrap value only (which I suspect they would be) then it could come to a few hundred, it'd be a shame to miss out on that...

Thanks for the tips and links!
 Valuing old jewellry - R.P.
Below is a contact for a reliable jeweller - fixed one of my clocks and loved watches.

Might give you a clue as to value etc,
 Valuing old jewellry - No FM2R
>>I will take it along to the auction house

No, I wouldn't do that.

Try this crowd; They're in Reading and have been for years. A family business.

They will do telephone, email and/or video consultancies.

Or, go to or telephone Waltons in Caversham. Chris, the owner, is a real craftsman, a proper jeweller. The shop is not open but both phone numbers and email address are on the site & Facebook.
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 Valuing old jewellry - smokie
Thanks - I suppose I ask them what they will give me for it, as surely they won't value it for free unless there might be something in it for them?

After all, I'm only looking for a ball park figure... £20, £100, £500, £1000.

I suppose if they offered the right amount they could have it.
 Valuing old jewellry - No FM2R
Ought to be worth a chat.

Is it worth valuing? Is it scrap? Are they interested in it? Who would they recommend who buys such things?

Even if they only give you a more-than figure which lets you know it's worth paying to value, if you see what I mean.
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